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  1. Antelucan

    Chrono Trigger - Manoria Cathedral ReMix

    Just submit this already.
  2. These arrangements were primarily the brainchild of one Jonne Valtonen. I took the liberty of contacting him and we had the following exchange: Hi [Antelucan], And glad to hear that you liked the concert! There seems to be quite a strong pull towards CD production, so lets see.. I think this thing will be cleared in couple of weeks.. There will be more info on I believe.. Yours, Jonne

    Your fans demand you finish this WIP. Pretty please? :puppyeyes:

  4. Antelucan

    Nice Marriage Andy & Jill! (Pics posted)

    May your marriage be long and happy! Congratulations!
  5. Antelucan

    Cartoon Network "Real"

    It's still better than Nickelodeon. <3 Flapjack
  6. It was a Detroit exclusive performance.
  7. They did. Susan Calloway was the vocalist and really did a great job. She's the one who sang “Memoro de la Stono” on the DW album (and also at the concert).
  8. Antelucan

    Chrono Trigger - Manoria Cathedral ReMix

    Did you ever finish this, Robotaki? I find myself playing this song a lot.
  9. We have concerts in Detroit and Dallas coming up this week. Anyone else going? There are still a lot of empty seats for the Detroit performance...
  10. Bumping this thread to keep it from dying.
  11. Well I just purchased my ticket for Detroit. Is anyone going to be at Minneapolis this coming Saturday?
  12. So I am on the Detroit Symphony Orchestra email list, and I just discovered that Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy is visiting my neck of the woods this summer. In fact, it looks like they are performing at a bunch of places in the next few months. I think I might go, since I really have enjoyed the album (it's a steal for $15 at Amazon). Also, it looks like they are giving away free downloads of Maria and Draco Opera at their website. Check it out: Here's the old thread from the Distant Worlds concert last year with lots of positive reactions: Performance dates: Minneapolis, MN - April 11 Grand Rapids, MI - April 14 Singapore - May 22 & 23 Taipei - May 26 & 27 Detroit, MI - June 18 Dallas, TX - June 21 Baltimore, MD - June 27 Seattle, WA - July 9, 10, & 11 San Francisco, CA - July 18
  13. Antelucan

    Chrono Trigger - Manoria Cathedral ReMix

    This is great stuff. Count me in the "finish it (and submit it)" camp.
  14. Antelucan

    RPG cliches

    There is also an interactive (and IMHO superior) version at that links to the matching trope articles.