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  1. Im wondering what the total budget was to actually make the soundtrack for this game?
  2. I dont see what the big honkin hub-bub is about with the physics. I think the animations and motions are fine for, particularly for an early demonstration of a downloadable game... especially since I havent played it... especially since the game LOOKS like it's made by the team that did Sonic Rush... ESPECIALLY since I hear Sonic Team isn't 100% working on the title. Like most Sonic games of late, it looks fine at first... and then you play it... and then you throw up in your hands.
  3. There was a message? I totally forgot about it. Was it "hate your father"? Was it "Find your own path, as long as it's not religion"? Was it "Stop whining all the damn time"? Was it Auron? I honestly got so lost in the sphere grid that I kinda tuned out the silly-ass plot. I wanted to do was summon, overdrive, summon. The game is decent, it certainly doesn't hold up well now, but Id play it again for nostalgic purposes... on mute...
  4. Teh oops. Got carried away with opinions and the like.
  5. Okay, from least to greatest Final Fantasy 8 - It was just boring to me. I didn't take a liking to the characters as much as I wanted to. I think if SE did a remake (which I have a feeling they will) it'd be a far superior game now. Final Fantasy 7 - GASP. That's right. I did not like this one. To me, the game just didn't know what it wanted to be story-wise. I didn't hop on the hype-wagon when it came out and when I did play it, I wasn't particularly impressed with Cloud or many of the plot-twists, (though i will admit, Aeris dying was a bit shocking). Maybe it was the dull color-scheme with the greys and the blacks. Maybe it was the lego graphics. I wasn't enamored by it. Nor did I feel a need to continue playing it. It felt depressing and not fun. Plus I was off the hinges of Mario RPG so I was like "SCREW Cloud". Still, I could've done with a remake instead of Advent Children, the worst game I ever played.... "But dude, AC was a movie. You COULDNT play it..." .............. Exactly. I will admit, Crisis Core had the best ending in FF for me. But that effing roulette system and that red-guy talking just infuriated me. Final Fantasy X-2 - Man, this game was both awful and enjoyable. The gameplay was so addictive, plus you got chicks in skimpy outfits... but the execution of such a questionable concept was just an offense to the brain. Still, I managed to enjoy myself somehow. Final Fantasy X - Auron. 'Nuff said. Final Fantasy 4 - I was really glad they made a DS remake. While there was particularly little humor in this one, and the plot itself is extremely dated, I found it likeable in it's simplicity and challenging. I liked a majority of the characters (though Im gonna have to ask Cecil to never take off his Dark Knight armor) and was intrigued by the plot-developments, even though some were predictable. I guess, it didn't need to try so hard to impress me... and it succeeded. It was great. Final Fantasy 12 - ALOT of people hated this one but I enjoyed it. How can you NOT like Foster's Bloo as Basch? Well, apparently you can... but still, the gameplay was a welcome change, a little more strategic than Kingdom Hearts, though it became dull after a point with variety lacking. I took pleasure in Shakespearean dialogue really. There was a good dose of overacting (Dr. Cid for one) but I still hold it in regard as the best FF acting with 4 and Crisis Core close behind (effing Genesis and his annoying banter) The Star-Wars references were pissing me off though but it was my excuse for not getting into WOW. Plus Balthier's the man. Final Fantasy 9 - Yup. My favorite one. Maybe it's because it was my first FF I played through (FF7 was my first really). Yeah, it had a poor final boss ("IM GOD. FIGHT ME YOU MONKEY-THIEF") and though the story became the Saiyan-saga towards the end, I was struck by it. There were problems but I still liked it alot. This is the one I wish SE would remake. The funny thing is, even the lesser of my faves (with 8 and 7 being the only ones I probably wouldn't touch again) I'd give another go. Im still waiting to play the others though. Did six get a remake yet? I never touched 1-3 either.
  6. For me, FFX was a great game. While yes, the acting was for a majority, mediocre (HA-HA-hA-HA-HA) it was still a pretty decent game. While the story wasn't exactly AWESOME (which is weird because how can you NOT like catholic zombies bent on using a giant flying whale to destroy the world while that whale happened to be the protagonist's father ... from the future... from a dream), it still was miles better than the story (or rather, concept) of X-2. Admittedly, I preferred the gameplay in X-2 and would've taken it's battle-system over the original ATTACK, wait-in-line, ATTACK, get-back-line, battle system. Also, though Tidus (who I dubbed Meg Ryan) and Yuna were not truly star quality, I liked them. They had enough character development for me though Tidus could've bitched less. But that's how FF main characters roll I suppose (dilly-dally....)
  7. Bad times, in case any of you still care, which by this point may be of some serious doubt... Craig McCracken, the art director for Dex's Lab, the creator of the Powerpuff Girls and Foster's... has been let go. Just... ugh. A mixture of rage, sadness... and a little of hilarity. You know a channel doesn't know what it's doing when it gets rid of one of it's head IDEAMEN.
  8. Yeah, turns out CN Real actually did particularly well last week, hitting some double-digit raises. It's sad really. Though the cartoons of yesterday suffered from suckitude on a number of occassions, they were still a regular day-to-day. It's a very cheap blow to artists to be completely honest. But thanks to all who were interested in the thread. Continue to spread the boycott if you are so inclined. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191217360303&ref=mf
  9. Im glad to see that there are people still talking about all this. Thank you all for your feedback and time to this thread, even since it's not directly related to OcRemix (though some correlation exists with the upcoming Otakon event). A quick update, though FlapJack seemed to be in danger of cancellation, the creator came unto his DeviantArt page and said his cartoon is just fine and that Cartoon Network may be backing off it's suppossed name change, though it's still highly suspect. Chowder is still up in the air unfortunately and Brave and the Bold may not see renewal, though a panel exists at the upcoming Comic-Con I believe. Stuard Snyder, the executive responsible for all this is said to be there as well. By all means, continue spreading the word. The very reason why CN Execs are (SLIGHTLY) backing off their reality block is because of low ratings and internet-flames. But they need a way to rake in money since that Aqua Teen bomb-scare fiasco ($2 million+ down the drain and the resignation of the Cartoon Network Prez). http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191217360303&ref=mf
  10. Hearing word Batman: Brave and the Bold may not get renewed. Its a shame because I actually liked it. Not enough to really go and find it but if it was on, I tuned in. It wasn't the Animated Series, nor was it Justice League... but it had a hell of a leg up on THE BATMAN... why does Mr. Freeze look like Sonic The Hedgehog? Thats the reason for the FB boycott. Though Cartoon Network is slowly getting the message that CN Real isn't generally liked, some decent shows are still in danger, which lessens the need for artists.
  11. "Rumors are a flyin’, fueled fooled by people who’ve lost their jobs mixed with some questionable decisions by the network… but.. NO CARTOON NETWORK isn’t changing its name. Not anytime soon anyways… they were gonna... But I think they’re reality show idea didn’t go as well as they had hoped (they bombed pretty bad), so… they’re kinda backing out of that idea. Yay for cartoons! No, Flapjack isn’t cancelled. They haven’t even started airing our second season yet, which is the best yet. They just had us make up our schedules and budget for third season…" This is from the creator of FlapJack's DeviantArt blog. So disgruntled lay offs were the culprit in this awkward scenario? That sounds about right, but I wouldn't put it past Cartoon Network that if CN Real did marginally better, they probably would've pushed it down our throats alot harder. Again, thanks for your input everyone. I've heard ALOT of interesting ideas coming from this community as I knew I would. Please, keep them coming and don't forget to continue the boycott: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191217360303&ref=mf I'm afraid we're not out of the waters yet.
  12. too true. I went back and watched the old turtles and found Shredder hiding in a bush, waiting to am...bush, the turtles... it was laughably sad (dont get me started on Dinosaucers). And yes, half the toons out here now are loads of fun to watch. But some breakthrough ideas are being tossed out by edgier, familiar and unoriginal ideas, which is why the majority of us producers and animators are extremely worried/pissed/betrayed. Thats why the boycott exists. Not because there's live-action on Cartoon Network per-se, but because Cartoon Network is phasing out artists' jobs in response to the push for something we see everyday, in spite there being actual good material in their lineup.
  13. There is a name change in the works from what I hear. I want to thank you guys for your input. I know this is purely musically-challenged, but Im glad that the majority realizes how ODD this is for a cartoon channel. Yes, it has ALOT to do with advertising though there is a way to market coke, cell phones our whatever into a cartoon. Heck, I've seen it in Anime of all places. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191217360303&ref=mf Please pass along this link if you're so inclined. There alot of people affected by this and it's more than just geeks squealing about their kiddy shows. Opportunities are being lost by this lackluster move. Perhaps a shoutout can be made at Otakon?
  14. Well its's good to hear that you all share this discontent for this grave decision on Cartoon Network's part, but it seems they are firm in this choice. Dont forget to join the Facebook Boycott of Cartoon Network Real (which may turn into a full-fledged boycott of the entire network if things dont change). http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191217360303&ref=mf "You might have seen the press releases of the new shows coming to Cartoon Network. There's a big shift in what this network will be next year, and we don't know if we'll still be a part of it. There will be new Chowders airing until the end of the year, but right now we're winding down production. People get laid off starting at the end of next week. We could still be picked up, but it would be hard to reassemble the crew in its current form. If this really is the end, then it's been a good run and we've had a lot of fun. I hope you all continue to enjoy the show." - Greenblatt, creator of Chowder. This quote is a few months old, but as it stands, Greenblatt has already lost some of his prized animators. Chowder AND FlapJack, both great shows are in "REAL" danger, and though there is a chance they could come back if cancelled (look at Family Guy and Futurama) you would have to show HEAVY support of the show to have it returned. These shows still display that great cartoons can still be made, even if they are expensive. This could be the start of a new era of cartoons (in my hopes, video game related toons are an untapped field for even more revenue and attention remix-wise) if it's handled correctly. I'd love to see OcRemix get some commercial time. So thanks for all your replies and support! Please, keep your opinions coming, and please be safe about expressing your feelings. Perhaps we can all get together kick a box of puppies that belong to Stuard Snyder, the executive behind this madness.
  15. Not really remix related, though it may have something to do with Otakon and the anime that is shown on Cartoon Network, but as a writer/animator and producer, I wanted to gather some thoughts about what the remix community thinks about CN's new realtiy tv endeavors. If you're not a fan of this, please join the CNReal boycott here, ala Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=191217360303&ref=mf I hear they are cancelling Chowder and FlapJack as well, but I also wanted to find out some theories as to what the marketing team at CN could have done better. I personally think more video game cartoons should be made which can in turn, bring more remix attention here. Any takers?
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