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  1. Put it this way, its good enough to deserve a spot in the CD player at work. I'm not typically picky when it comes to material I find on OCRemix, overall I enjoy 99.9% of it. But its just that. You download something new, tap to it for a few minutes and say to yourself.. "hm.. this is cool." and the majority of things here are like that, which is good. But then, you have things like the "Ken Song" which are like... How would I describe it. The Ken Song is like that last night stand you wish you never dumped on the corner of South 2nd and Rivet because she was so good. Well, bad example but you get what I mean. REALLY phenominal stuff here. Great lyrics even though they're cheesy, Really neat vocals. You have to be a little imaginative to think "Johnny Rzeznik" but it does have that type of mystique to it. The guitars don't overkill the vocals either and everything meshes together like gears in a windmill on a comfortable summer day in the middle of... nevermind. And the bass? Really good! Well, time for work. IE - Ken Song. Imagine The Ken Song playing from over the counter at a local Domino's Pizza shop. On repeat. All night long.
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