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  1. Finally a very good drinking song!!! I love this style, very medieval!! Love medieval btw....hehheee Hope to see more....this one is very good!
  2. Man, whata a trio, I'm astonished with your talent guys, especially Jill's voice, I'm not a really fan of "slow" songs, but your voice....it cought me tight, and the BG Music is also perfect, it has all the spirit of the whole FFX game...I'm amazed, hope to listen more of your works, I do not comment really often here, but this song....it would be a sin if I didn't... C Ya...
  3. Man, i cant believe that someone did this great song, won' say better, cuz nothing better then the original stuff, but extremely well done version of that.....I just love Halo OST (and games) but this was the only song besides Super Green X's "Ecco The Dolphin 2 - Drift" that made me listen to the same song more than 10 times in a row..... Well, I'm not a music expert, but i did some tunes in Audition...it ralaxes me sometimes, when im not drawing or photoshopping and i do know that u espent some time on it and congrats, it's very good
  4. That's an awesome mix, very, very very good mix.... Keep on the good work BTW: I love this site
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