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  1. howabout a turn of discussion. Who do you main as?

    I main as Falco, but I also play as Samus, Fox, and Jigglypuff.

    Ness, Game&Watch, Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Ice Climbers.

    In that order.

    Ness gets 90% of the playtime.

    Also I've been able to beat my friends on a near consistent basis with every single character BUT bowser. Can't stand him.

    Ness is a really good character, but his recovery is SO easily interrupted. tcp over there plays that dude, and it's pretty fun.

    Heh, the reason I even bother playing any other character most of the time is when my friends force me to, as they get tired of me winning within two minutes.

    They seem to think that if I wanted to I could do really well in tournaments too.

    Ness, eh? Have you heard of the Yoyo Glitch? It takes a little practice/experimenting to get it down, so you might consider it anal, but it's totally worth it to see the look on people's faces who havn't seen it before.

    Heh, with the time you've spent telling me how anal advanced techniques are and everything about casual and competitive play in this thread, you could have learned some cool stuff, like wavedashing and shfflc'ing. It really just takes a couple minutes to learn how to do. After that, you just have to do them in your matches for a while until you find their uses.

  2. Well, I still don't agree that most professional players are what Cerrax described. I met a lot of the top professionals when I went to OC2, like Ken, Isai, members from Skypal and everything, and I havn't seen anyone like that.

    Claim the tiers are infallible and that Mewtwo will always lose to Falco
    Do you still not know what the tiers are? They are only there to give you an idea of how well characters do currently in high-level tournaments. That's why it is constantly updated. Before Ken started going to tournaments, nobody knew Marth could be so good, and he was low on the tier list. Then Ken introduced things like short-hop-double-forward aerial and won the tournament. After that they were happy to move Marth up on the tier list. If someone figures out new stuff with Mewtwo and wins tournaments, they will be happy to move him up on the tier list. Whoever told you that the tiers are infallible clearly doesn't know what the tiers are.
    Constantly brag
    Of course out of all the people who play competitively, there are bound to be a few people who brag, but out of all the poeple I played at OC2 and when I went to a Skypal Smashfest, nobody who was a lot better than me bragged when they won. I got four stocked craploads of times, and there was no trash talking or anything. They know that I know it is just a learning exeperience on my part, and we're both ok with the fact that one of us is better.
    Refuse to play with less-skilled players
    Go to a tournament or smashfest in your area and see if they won't let you play. I haven't heard of this happening, please give me an example. Of course, if you will only play with items and crazy stages, they won't want to play unless they are just messing around.
    Refuse to play with low tier characters
    That is simply not true. Of course most professionals will only use high tier characters in tournaments, when they are playing to win, but almost every professional has at least one low tier character. Look at Azen and Isai. But even still, there are quite a few professionals who use low tier characters in big tournaments, like The Germ, Taj, Ness players, Bowser players, etc.
    Refuse to play without tournament rules
    I dunno if you maybe went to a Smashfest to find this out or something, but if that is the case, of course they aren't going to want to play without tournament rules because this is how they practice. Although I agree, most of us don't play with items and such unless we're really just messing around. That's just our personal preferance, the same way you prefer to have items on.
    Consider all people who even think about casual play as a weaker fighter
    I don't know where you are getting this from. I've never heard anyone say that, and I go to Smashboards pretty much every day. Maybe there are a few people who would say that, but I highly doubt that the majority of professional smashers would say that.
  3. No one called you an eliteist.

    They are still saying that hardcore players are elitists. The hardcore players here are trying to say that they are ok with both ways of playing, and that they respect casual players. The casual players here are saying that playing hardcore is playing anally, and that the hardcore players are elitist. Maybe I'm missing something here?

    #3907 and Red Shadow, I play SSBM competitively.I know all the advanced techniques and everything. Am I an elitist? Do you think it is stupid to play the game competitively? How exactly are hardcore SSBM players elitist? Are you just saying that because they play hardcore? Remember, I'm a hardcore player, and all I've been saying is that I respect casual players and the way the play the game. I just wish I would get respect back, instead of being called anal.

  4. The ssbm "hardcore" players are a bunch of elitist assholes.


    Anyway, like others have said, playing competitively and casually are both fun. Especially since competitive play makes you better at the game and allows new opportunities for casual play. Try this:

    Wow. I got called an elitist? I was told that my way of playing the game was anal, and in turn, I said that both ways of playing the game are fun. The reason I'm in here is because I think it's stupid that casual and competitive players can't just respect each other.

    I've been saying this whole time that Melee works just fine at BOTH levels, and it was designed to be playable at both. So..

    There will be people who play at one level, and people who play at the other. That's a GOOD thing. Learn to respect each other, that's all I'm saying.

    How in the hell is that elitist. I'm the one getting my style of play called anal. I am completely fine with people who only play casually, as I've said before. As I said to Red Shadow, we both have fun.

    I just made a good point describing that the developers designed it to be playable at a competitive level as well as casual, and my post was ignored. Instead, you just said "yeah, well you're an elitist."

  5. Wavedashing is just airdodging into the ground. There's no way the game testers who spent hours upon hours testing out the game's physics couldn't have run into that. L-cancelling was completely intentional, it was in SSB64, and they even taught you how to do it on their website back in the day. Also, for L-cancelling, they would need to specifically code it so that the lag animation frames are chopped in half, because that's what happens. Somewhere in the code they put "if the character is doing an aerial attack, and hits the ground so many frames after pressing L, 50% of the lag animation's frames are gone."

    The developers designed it to be a party game and also a true fighting game, for those who look for it. It's perfectly playable at both levels. There's no way they were just designing a party game with no intention of putting depth in, and then when people analyzed every aspect of the game it coincidentially turned into one of he most depthful fighters ever.

    Like I said, turning off items is clearly a part of the game, and they put it in for a reason. You can play casual, or comptitive.

    Also, the tiers are supposed to give you an idea of how well characters do in tournaments, it's based on how well characters do in today's tournaments. It should mean nothing to casual players.

  6. Items are the best part of the game. I hate playing people that go by "official" crap rules. Items on normal, all stages on random, and just PLAY THE GAME.

    Ok, let me just say this so we don't get anymore retarded posts:

    In the beginning, there was Smash Bros. Everybody played it with items and everything and had fun. But some people took the game more serious than others and actually got competitive. Maybe it was because they liked the game more, maybe it was because they had more free time. But as they got more and more competitive, they found it annoying to have random factors in the game like items. It kind of sucks in a big tournament match when two people who have practiced a lot play against each other and are having a close match, and at the end it is determined by who got more lucky with the items, or an explosive crate dropping on someone's head.

    Ask someone who plays Street Fighter or Guilty Gear competitively if they would like their game better if items that could turn the match around appeared randomly. Forget about it. Ask them if they want any luck factor at all. When you play a game competitively and practice a lot, you want your matches to be determined by skill alone.

    In short, yes, items are a part of the game.

    So is turning them off.

  7. Did everybody forget that Maple Story has almost no depth and isn't fun for very long?

    Don't worry. I sure didn't and I've never played it.


    Yeah, that's why I quit playing it before. It is really fun to start up and get to around level 10, but then you realize there's no goal other than to level up, and you're wasting alot of time. Hopefully they will make some changes in the DS version. If not, it will at least be fun to start up again, and then after that I'm going to set a time limit for how much I play this game per day. Probably one hour. When I played before, I spent a few days doing nothing but Maple Story after school, and then I felt like I completely wasted those days. So this way I will not spend too much time on it, and hopefully the game will stay fresh longer.

    And Maple Story has some very good music, in my opinion. I havn't played in almost a year, but I still get a couple of the songs stuck in my head from time to time. The title song, and the theme from Kerring City.

  8. Well, if you already have speech...what's the point of the text? :P
    Well, since this is a MMORPG, keyword "massive," there would be too much talking to hear anything, escpecially in a place like a town, where usually at least 30 people or so are talking at the same time. But that's a great idea for when having a private conversation with someone.

    Hey, that's a really good idea, because that's where all the major talking usually happens. Usually all you need public speech for is stuff like advertising items or something. When you find someone advertising something you want, you can instantly start a private conversation with them, and boom! You didn't have to type a thing.

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

    The first MMORPG for Nintendo DS, Maple Story.

    About time, I called this almost a year ago. I KNEW this game would be perfect for DS. I remember speculating about how you could chat, you could have user-progammable buttons for common words you say so you don't have to type every single thing with an on screen keyboard. But this is rumored to have a speech-to-text function. I'm not sure how well that would work out. It would probably work best you could use it in conjunction with an on-screen keyboard, because speech-to-text is never perfect. Maybe the keyboard could have 2 backspace-type buttons. One backspace is for going back a character (obviously), and the other is to clear the previous word typed, in case the speech-to-text got the word completely wrong. Then you could either attempt to say it again, or hand-type it.

  10. How will Super Smash Bros. for Wii take advantage of the controller?

    Mr. Sakurai: We've actually been working with some different ideas, and we've found that trying to implement too much of the motion sensor could actually get in the way of the game. We're looking at trying to keep the controls simple, as they have been in past games. Of course, you all know that the Wii hardware has ports for the GameCube controller as well. So, I'll just say now that you may not want to throw away your GameCube controllers just yet!

    I can't be any happier with the way they decided to use the controller. On Smashboards, we didn't even consider it a possibility that they would let you use the Gamecube controller, because Nintendo said you won't be able to use Gamecube controllers for Wii games (that was a long time ago).

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very, very excited about the Wiimote's features, it's just I'm glad they didn't use them in Smash, because it would change the game way too much. And...it just wouldn't work.

  11. i must say, the lyrics are VERY Uematsu.

    here's the lyrics for you whiners:

    ali babaaaaa

    eee eee oooooo


    fafa fee hassy mommyyyyyyy

    ali babaaaaa

    eee eee oooooo

    foody flay faaaaairrrrr

    to be eating a spooooooon

    all of youuuuu are idioooooots

    all of he froooom idiooooots?

    bell asshat beeboos

    weeeeee found a

    they found a need to speak ONE DAY

    weeee plaaaaaaaaayyyy

    and I was going to translate more, but I got bored. can't blame me for trying :D

    HAHA! That is so awesome! Oh man, it sounds like that's what they're actually saying.

  12. Given the huge team working on SSBB, and the increased size of the storage capacity of Wii media over GC media, I'm curious as to the quantity of characters/levels.

    I mean, sure, there were PLENTY of characters and PLENTY of arenas in SSBM - but why not MORE 8) why not overwhelm us with sheer vastness of content - take the endlessness of SSBM's trophy mode and apply it to creating dozens of secret characters and secret stages, and who knows where you could end up. From the looks of it, Snake won't be the only 3rd party participant (as indicated from the interviews - plus it would be REALLY silly if he was :roll: what was it, a celebrity endorsement?), so that could be a great way to expand the universe, as long as the 1st-party to 3rd-party ratio stays at a good 4:1 or higher.

    The whole style seems radically different - not really sure how to take it, but I'm sure it'll be great. The brash title, the over-the-top super-moves, the dramatic arenas, the cinematic trailor, the heavy Nobuo music, the uncharacteristic fan-service, the addition of 3rd-party characters... none of these things are bad :) not at all - but they are definitely different. I think going WAY overboard on quantity of characters and arenas would be perfectly well in keeping with that paradigm shift - so bring it on :D:mrgreen:

    I want alot of new characters too, but you have to remember that having balanced characters is also very important. It takes alot of testing to get all the characters balanced, so they can't just keep piling them all on. It takes alot of time for each one. Probably the biggest mistake in Melee, balance-wise, was chain grabbing. Mainly chain grabbing with Sheik. Sheik can chaingrab certain characters so badly (Bowser, Link, Pichu, etc.), it's basically like if a good Sheik gets one grab on that character, they will get chaingrabbed to death, no questions asked. They are more than likely going to fix this in SSBB, but other stuff will be discovered.

    As a competitive Smash player, balancing the characters is very important to me. Of course, it's impossible to make the game completely balanced, and it would probably suck if it was. But people will discover and exploit everything they can, so the developers need to make sure to do alot of testing for each character to keep the game an excellent fighting game with an insane amount of depth, like Melee.

    For the record, chain grabbing, or chain throwing, is just chaining together throws. Sheik's is one of the most famous. She uses her down throw to chain-grab, which, on most characters, pops the character right up for another grab. Certain characters can be chain-grabbed to really high percents, and then finished off with something like a down throw to forward air (Sheik's forward air has insane knockback, so this works out a little too nicely for her). It is possible to escape chain grabbing though; making your DI (directional influence, just pressing a direction in the air to make your character move that way) as unpredictable as possible, and DI'ing towards a platform (if there is one on the stage). But if it's Sheik vs. someone like Bowser or Link on Final Destination, and the Sheik is relatively good at chasing DI, the Link or Bowser is not going to have fun.

    Heh, I got kind of carried away, sorry. I just love talking about Smash Bros. :D

    Oh, and I just realized something: If the game is online, hopefully they will just patch some of the stuff that gets discovered that really throws the balance off. But hopefully if they do this, they won't take out every little thing that gets discovered. It would be really bad if they took out something essential like wavedashing or jump-cancelling shines, just because a bunch of noobs complained about getting beat by people who take the game seriously enough to discover cool things. Holy CRAP that would suck. Maybe they could make it so that when you go online, it automatically downloads the latest patches, but then when you play against someone, you can have a little option thing where you can choose to remove certain patches. It would be kind of an obscure option that you don't have to set every time, because casual gamers wouldn't care about it. They would just want to get in the game and start smashing (don't get me wrong, this is perfectly fine.)

  13. Holy cRap, (Pun intended) this is awesome. The lyrics in this song are really good. I don't normally like rap, but this is instantly one of my favorite remixes ever. I love the part about the Super Nintendo cartridge, it really brings back alot of memories. Well, I've never owned the actual cartridge version of Earthbound, but still.

    Oh man, the last rap sounded like Wierd Al. This is so awesome. If you like Earthbound at all, you will probably love this regardless of your opinion of Rap.

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