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  1. it wasn't even a bug. it's just airdodging. airdodges give you momentum, and when you land your momentum and traction determine how far you slide. as you get better, you eventually realize this kind of stuff.

    and they didn't just blatantly remove the wavedash technique from brawl, they completely redid the airdodge system. in one video where a guy is fighting a computer mario, you can even see that they have their AI system set up so that the computers know how to jump in the direction they want to airdodge to recover.

  2. Eh, this whole WD talk is retarded now.

    I'm going to jump on the short bust out of this conversation.

    No point on going any further. I'm over it.

    haha, oh wow

    nice sneaking your way out of it when you were completely refuted.

    can't man up when you're wrong eh?

    man that conversation was hilarious

    CS: talks about wavedashing

    us: gives a bunch of valid points showing how he's completely wrong

    CS: im done here! o=<

    it just makes you look like an idiot when you can't admit when you're wrong, and everyone is wrong from time to time.

  3. so there's this new thing in brawl:

    you know how in melee if you're in the middle of running and you mash the control stick the opposite way, you're character will do this big fat laggy turn around animation (there are ways to get around this)? well in brawl apparantly instead, your character will actually FALL DOWN. but this is a good thing, because you can instantly cancel your fall down animation with anything like a grab or attack. what does this mean? you can be running and then essentially pivot with an attack or grab or whatever instantly. this has already been possible with dashdancing, but not with actually running.

    dashdancing is cancelling your original dash animation with a dash the other way. there are two parts to running: the original lunge forward (the normally cancellable animation) and the part after, where the character is actually running. in melee pivoting out of your initial dash animation with an attack is possible but way more difficult because you literally have a one-frame window. in brawl you can still dash-dance (and it's yet to see if you can pivot out of initial dash like in melee) but now you can pivot out of actually running, so that's a pretty big thing, and it seems like it's really intuitive and easy.

  4. hey chaos sorcerer, nice logic

    so if you can beat someone who knows how to wavedash, then wavedashing isn't useful

    with just a few minutes of practice anyone can master the timing. thousands of people can wavedash. only a handful of these people actually travel to tournaments and are good. what's more, the majority of people who know how to wavedash but aren't good are actually WORSE for wavedashing because they just think "oh, im using this advanced technique, it must be making me better" without knowing why and how it can be useful. wavedashing around a bunch isn't going to get you anywhere, it just makes you play retarded.

    nobody said learning how to wavedash is supposed to instantly make you better, and not all people who use it are even good. you say you beat a bunch of wavedashers at this tournament (im guessing a local gamestore tournament); what were there names? are they known AT ALL in the competitive smash community? i wonder why not, maybe it's because they're just "random noob who happens to know how to wavedash #14,786." go to a real tournament and beat a competitive player who is actually good, then talk about how much you know about this game.

  5. God damnit. The IGN people got a chance to play it, and of the three reviewers, NONE BOTHERED TO FIND OUT WHETHER WAVEDASHING STILL WORKS.

    i know craploads of competitive smashers are going to E for All so we'll definitely know all kinds of stuff in a week or whenever that thing happens.

  6. D:


    man, i suddenly miss his voice, even though i can just turn on melee to hear it. but seriously, hearing someone else's voice saying "free for all!" made me realize how big a part of smash brothers that guy was. he is the SMASH BROTHERS VOICE. where'd he go?!

  7. I preordered Brawl months ago. Then a few weeks ago the local game store(Game Square)that I preordered it from went out of business!


    No phone call! BULLSHIT OF ALL BULLSHITS! My money gone.

    Now I have to go to the other store, which was bought out so it is no longer Game Square, with my receipt and see what justice can be done.

    man that sucks, did you pay the full price for it too? or just the $5 down payment or whatever

  8. i pulled of the awesomest jiggly combo on contricity's marth the other day

    this was right after i saw his dash-grab coming so i just crouched under it and punished with a rest (really fun to do)

    anyways right after he came back from that rest, from 0% i did a full hop rising forward air to falling up air (same jump), the upair combos right into up tilt (this part requires an l cancel for you anti-tourneyfags lol), then up air, second jump, REST. OH HO HO. it was so awesome i had to jump up, throw my controller down and dance around

  9. God bless us. Every one.

    so did anyone see snake like, kill mario? he snapped his neck or whatever then laid him on the ground. what happens next? is that his down throw?

    also you can see him use his bubble shield

    and what the hegg is the box for

    mario pulls it off and snakes just sittin there like sup

    man this is too much to think about, i need more info

  10. ok, i've posted about this a few times and nobody ever says ANYTHING about it.

    but this time, im a let it all come out. this time im a stand up and SHOUT. im a do things MY way. it's MY way. my way or the highway.

    but seriously look at the fourth picture of lucas. he's pointing up at something, and kirby is actually looking at what he's pointing at. what the heck is that. they must be getting really really serious about character interaction in the game, i can't see how this kind of stuff will fit into playing the game though.

    one of the other ones before was a picture where mario had stuck wario with a gooey bomb or whatever, and as he ran away from wario he actually looked back at him while running like he was taunting him. and there are a lot of other pictures like this

  11. Holy shit. Dreams DO come true. I wonder what kind of connection I'll be able to get with the rest of the USA up here in AK...... oh well. I'm just excited as shit right now. I think I may just stop watching the updates now that this has been officially announced. Hooollyyyy shiiiiiiit.:-D

    do you live in anchorage

  12. wobbling, eh? i dont think it should be banned. it may seem anti-competitive when people first start doing it, but in fact in the long run it contributes to the metagame. if wobbling becomes one of the normal things people have to deal with, then they will be forced to adapt, i.e. become more aware of situations that result in getting grabbed, and being able to see when the IC player is spotting for a grab.

    people probably dont like the idea of people who aren't very good just learning how to wobble as a cheap way to become good, so i'll talk about that.

    someone who just knows how to wobble and blatantly goes for grabs all the time will lose horribly to anyone just knows how to watch their opponent. a lot of intermediate/learning players might have trouble against someone who isn't good at all but just knows how to wobble, and they will call it cheap because they worked harder than their opponent, and they lose/go even. sounds reasonable, right? well, i'd say if you're in this situation then you're in LUCK. this grabs you by the balls and FORCES you to actually watch what your opponent is doing and think logically about how they're approaching, and how you can disrupt that, and that is one of the big things that most people just getting into competitive smash have a whole lot of trouble learning, because of lack of good competition (someone who can punish them for playing mindlessly and keep them on the right track).

    no matter what skill you are, if you're getting beat by someone just because they wobble, then that just shows that you have room for improvement in avoiding grabs/playing smart in general, and playing against that person is a perfect opportunity to get better.

    also whoa, jam stunna has an awesome sig for smashboards too?

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