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  1. No you didn't. Go back and try to actually download it -- won't work. Every site that talks about basic64 links to de la Mancha's website, which recently took basic64 down. Anyway if someone just happens to have the file on-hand, could you please upload it somewhere?
  2. Does anyone have the 8bit synth called Basic64? It was discontinued and I can't find it anywhere.
  3. HERO OF TIME! Face me. also i really want to believe this is actually being made but i'll have to play devil's advocate: in the ign article they said they were merely asked to premiere the video for the film company. ign stuff is all over the credits, so real or fake, ign had a big part in this. the way this movie could have worked is if ign was working together with the film company on this by funding them. they have no reason to lie about that in the article (unless of course, this IS a prank in which case ign would be funding the company without saying they were.) another thing is IGN's lack of any other april fool's joke for today. if this was real, then they would probably have some other april fool's joke going on.
  4. oh no there are inconsistencies with the video game oh no they got the triforce on the wrong hand OH NO I'M A GIGANTIC FAGGOT AND THE ONLY WAY I'D BE SATISFIED WITH A MOVIE FROM A VIDEO GAME IS IF IT WAS JUST A VIDEO OF SOMEONE PLAYING THROUGH THE ENTIRE VIDEO GAME BECAUSE OTHERWISE IT'S TOO DIFFERENT AND IT'S GONNA RUIN MY CHILDHOOD OR WHATEVER the mario bros. movie was awesome. you just have to take it for what it is. movies from games aren't supposed to be true to the video game down to every last detail. it's like, "oh hey, they made a movie out of one of the games I play. this will be interesting to see how they rendered it into a movie." EXPECT it to be different. if it sucks, then oh well, it sucks. it doesn't ruin the video game in any way. also the whole thing is obviously a very well done april fool's joke, but man, it still got me pumped. i would have loved to see this.
  5. i might be going to anchorage next week or the week after, and when i do i'll finally be able to play all you guys
  6. NO I AM i just can't play online without 2 seconds of lag but my dk is capable of ape rape. can't be stopped
  7. well basically what im saying is it's got nothin' to do with attack power diminishing really
  8. yea like i said in the description it's probably useless. but i dont think attack power diminishes when you don't hit
  9. hay guys amidoinitrite? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm6uJ-LZpfc
  10. i heard about that rumor and i say it sounds very possible. and if it's not roy and mewtwo being added, maybe there is something else they're putting in which will be DLC for japan because there isn't really any other explanation for the US brawl getting delayed like a month while japan's delay was only like a week. and white haired ganon is AWESOME. he looks like george washington. i like to do his upsmash and say "he'll kick you apart! he'll kick you apart! ooh!"
  11. his disappointment doesn't have anything to do with whether he'll dominate in the game, it's just that to him it doesn't seem like it'll be as fun as melee, without all the things that made melee intense and deep. not saying i agree, i still have to play the game
  12. for the dthrow to footstool reset, i'm pretty sure that wouldn't work because they could just tech out of it.
  13. For those of us who don't have Brawl yet: We can still invent new advanced techniques and become famous forevAr!! http://www.afro-ninja.com/nsr/brawltactics.html edit: jew-slapping landmaster-flipping jesus-cancelling this game is going to be so fun
  14. i'm not sure it's because it's too hard to do
  15. for some reason nintendo is completely paranoid about people using ANY form of communication with people they don't know online, so I guess they're afraid people could design stages in a way that could say something. if they got any more paranoid about that they'd probably just not do online play altogether because people might develop some sort of code of communication by how they move their character in the game or something, haha man, it sure sucks that nintendo is GAY, huh
  16. "Please be patient as we try to accommodate the massive amounts of Brawl traffic. Our goal is to have everything worked out by tomorrow morning. " gg smashboards
  17. wait what did it say? all i got out of that was "SUMASSHUBURAZAZU" and i think people were talking about ridley or something
  18. ITT pretentious fags. let's get out of here atma
  19. GUYS I JUST GOT AN IDEA for the mii characters, you could choose from several movesets for each specific mii to use. AND MAYBE since you can pick how fat or skinny your miis are, that will actually affect your weight and stuff.
  20. this sounds fun to try out. looks like it doesn't support 2nd gen ipod nanos yet though, so i'll have to wait.
  21. sorry guys sonic 2, underground mines or whatever that level was called. this thread is now about sonic games and their music. also, cocks.
  22. this is the only thing i've posted that i dislike though. also bigfoot, what's wrong with comparing battle.net to brawl's online in that regard? i'm just showing how it's possible to have a free online that isn't unnecessarily crippled. i mean, you can't even choose how many players are in the match when you go to play. nintendo doesn't need to have a big subscription-based online system just to give the user a few basic (and i mean really basic) options. and from what i can see, every time this is brought up, people always try to justify nintendo. i hear crap like "just be happy you're getting any online at all" no, it really does suck that brawl's online is crippled. brawl will still be awesome, and i wouldn't let something like how the online system is set up affect my judgment of the game on a whole. that's got nothing to do with the actual gameplay and everything.
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