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  1. I got that disc about a month ago when I ordered from them. Haven't had any problems with it yet. I especially dig the QLegato violas.
  2. Seems like they always have stuff at a discount. Is there any particular time of year when they are known to have really good sales? Any chance they'll have a bigger sale before the end of the year than the 30% off they are having right now?
  3. What's up with the "last tweaked parameter" option? It seems to work fine on Fruity plugins but it isn't selectable on any other plugins.
  4. Does Akai work with PCs? I don't know much about the different file formats and I don't want to get something and expect it to play out of the box only to relize I have to convert it to something else.
  5. Hey, I was messing around with the FL6 demo and I want to know how that guitar thing is done in the Tesseract song. It kicks in whenever the "damp" and "damp time" channels have something in the piano roll and makes it sound different than the other parts of it. I have been wanting to make a guitar effect like that forever and I haven't been able to find a way yet.
  6. As obvious as that seems, I didn't want to assume that that's what it is for. I always thought that compression required some kind of really fancy thing with all kinds of knobs to tweak. I'm pretty confused right now.
  7. Does FL have some kind of plugin or something that can do the whole compression thing that seems to be such a big mystery to some people (including me) around here?
  8. Well, it certainly sounds better than anything else I've ever done, but it still doesn't have any "oomph" or any sort of power behind it as far as production goes. It's like it's being played on some crappy old radio or something. And all I have as far as production/mastering/whatever goes is FL, so there won't be any post-production happening anywhere else for me. So can this be fixed simply by a little EQing? I'm wondering if ther are some other tricks to FL for things like this that I just don't know about yet, because all I really know how to do is lay out some melodies and beats and put some basic FX on them.
  9. Scratch that last post. What I originally meant to ask was: is FL capable of producing high quality songs using only the Fruity effects? I mainly use the parametric EQ, reverb, and stereo enhancer. Is there something I'm missing to make it sound better?
  10. Well, I figured it COULD be an FL issue, since everything I do is within the program, so I thought I'd post this here. I have to ask though, what does arrangement have to do with making it sound not as hollow? I realize that to some degree arrangement does affect the "fullness" of a song, but I think the biggest problem here has something to do with production probably the free soundfonts I used. I've heard people do better things than that with free sounds though, so I don't want to try to use that as an excuse.
  11. I seem to be having trouble giving my songs a "full" sound, or whatever you want to call it. They always sound really....empty. Since I could never explain exactly what I mean, I'll just post something of mine so you can hear for yourself. Here's to hoping someone responds before the link dies...
  12. Is there a way to make samples stay at one tempo and not sound all screwy when you change notes with the built in sampler?
  13. Aright, I've got a few questions for the FL people. Firstly, I have trouble with slides. I can't ever seem to use them, especially when it comes to a VSTi (which is like all I use). And another thing probably related to that, you know that little window that pops up when you double click on a note bar in the piano roll? None of the options in that window work for anything outside of drum samples much like the above issue. Another thing I'd like to know is how you deal with a huge CPU load. I usually have around 6-10 VSTis and a ton of drums and FX and whatever else I can fit into a song. Everything starts chugging when I get about 3/4 of all of that together. I have a P4 3.2ghz processor and 512MB of RAM. And one more thing. Is it possible to get the Slayer 2 to sound clear instead of muddy like it does whenever I use it? I swear, I CANNOT get a crisp sound out of it at all. Also, the Slayer 2 falls victim to the problems in the above paragraphs, if anyone knows how to fix it specifically.
  14. I've listened to a few podcasts before, but I never knew they were called "podcasts." I just thought of them as cool radio shows you could listen to whenever you wanted. I will never look at them the same way again...heh. Good show overall. It's nice to see more people trying to promote VG music and remixes in some way. Nice little thing at the end where you spoke of your first time meeting. I found that really entertaining for some reason. I'd like to say that I agree that Rayza should sound a little more into the show while he's talking. It would definitely make it more interesting to listen to. Aurora's voice adds a nice balance to the whole thing and makes it sound more....complete...I guess. All the other podcasts I've listened to have had only males doing the talking, so it's cool to hear a female voice (and a good one at that) doing some of the talking.
  15. Sweet. That's pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks.
  16. Hey, I'm looking for a trumpet sort of sound (at least I think it's a trumpet) kind of like the one in the first level music of Mario 64. I'm also looking for samples of people sounding like they're being punched/kicked/whatever. Kind of like an "ahh" or "ooh," but it's real quick (like one second). The only examples I can think of are in the songs from the Jet Set Radio games. Hideki Naganuma uses them all the time in his songs.
  17. About the overall volume being too low that I talked about in my last post, I was referring to the FL volume being low, not my speakers. I'm saying when I compare a song I've made to a professional song (or the ones off of this site for that matter), the volume is lower than those songs. The only way I've figured how to make it louder is the Fruity 7 Band EQ, but that takes a ton of tweaking that I'd rather not do if I can help it. I'm just wondering if there's another way to get the volume louder.
  18. I've got a couple of issues that has been bugging me for a while now, the first being a volume problem. Basically, even with all the volume sliders turned all the way up, the volume is still too low. How do you get the volume to be at a decent level? The other thing is more of an issue with my "equipment", if you want to call it that. After burning some of my songs onto a CD and listening to them on a good sound system, I noticed a huge problem. A lot of the "bassy" instruments and drums were extremly loud, especially the kick drums. Unfortunately, all I have at my computer are some crappy speakers and headphones that hardly pick up any bass at all, so it all sounds fine through my computer speakers even though it really isn't okay. I'm still kind of new to the whole music/remixing thing, so I don't really know much about proper equipment. What headphones/speakers/soundcards/whatever do you guys recommend?
  19. Whoa, thanks. I didn't know about the difference between effect VSTs and instrument VSTs. I just went and messed around a little with FL and I think I've figured out how it's supposed to work now. I realized that I downloaded a ton of effects off the internet, but only like 2 instruments. Unfortunately, instruments are what I wanted Oh well, not a big deal. I can do all kinds of stuff with my sounds now that I never knew I could do before. And a quick question for anyone who makes remixes/songs, how long does it usually take you? I've been working on this one for like....2 days, and I only have about 20 seconds of music...
  20. That could certainly be it. I'll admit that I don't even really know what a VST is. I was attempting to figure it out on my own, but my methods don't seem to be working very well.
  21. Hey, I've got a really newbish question for you guys. I'd just like to apologize beforehand if this has been asked a lot of times already. I searched around this topic and others, but couldn't find the information I was looking for. My question is: How do you get VSTs to work in Fruity Loops? I go to channels > add one > more > select the VST, and then it says Error: can't load an effect into a channel and brings up the Fruity Wrapper. What am I doing wrong?