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  1. Yeah, it's a little skin and bones right now. I went with the eastern instruments because, well, I love that feel. Thanks for the feedback
  2. http://gramage.corruptspace.com/MP3/Terra%20Firma.mp3 By no means finished, just messing around really. I quite like the second melody on the Koto when it's in with Terra on the Zither.
  3. You, my friend, would make Nobuo proud. Very proud indeed. I can't say it's my favorite version of Terra out there, as it's got a hopeful/upbeat feel to it where I prefer the darker, more depressing renditions, but it's still way up there. The playing is all excellent. The sound is beautiful. The only part I wasn't too keen on was the acoustic outtro, but that has nothing to do with the skill of the playing I just don't really like the sound of acoustic guitars (with a few notable exceptions, juno reactor's 'pistolero' being a big one). A solid 9/10 from me. Why not 10/10? There's allways room for improvement. -- As for the "Stop posting FF6 remixes" comment... if you don't want to hear FF6 music anymore, don't click links to FF6 mixes! I for one will never get sick of hearing Nobuo's work rearranged by the brilliant people we have here (and those that aren't here yet ). KTHX.
  4. I really liked it. I recognised two melodies, one from Final Fantasy VII's "Those Chose By The Planet" (obviously) and the other a bit from FFVIII's "Liberi Fatale". I am sure there are a few others from other FF games but I don't recognise them (only really played from VI and up).
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