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  1. Those that have shown they do not like this arrangement have said so in a way that they have a predetermined expectation of Frog's Theme. Yes, that song has a very powerful emotion in itself. But the essence of arranging any music is to interpret the song into the arranger's own way. How can people bash GL's arrangement when they won't allow him to do what arrangers are supposed to do. I enjoyed this song because GL turned Frog's Theme into something it hasn't been before. And that is what we should be looking for in an arrangement: changing a song to what it hasn't been before. There were many parts in this song where I could close my eyes and feel like I'm watching Gladiator or The Last Samurai. Is it just me, or did this arrangement have the cool movie score sounds of Hans Zimmer? I really like the fact that it made me go through a large thought process. cool cool stuff.