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  1. Hmmm I didn't check more than a page's worth of requests to see if it had already been asked. I understand people don't want repeat threads, but it's a headache to... ... oh wait I could have used a search function! ANYWAY! Yes, Magic of Scheherazade needs some love on here!
  2. This mix is certainly an acquired taste. I wasn't sure whether I liked the chopped up female vocals or not. It took me an entire listen to decide upon this. urthermore I kept straining myself to hear the melody from the original source. It was there... but it was faint. However, once I distanced myself from that and relistened, I found myself really enjoying the mix. It is unique, catchy, and switched things up enough so not to get too stale.
  3. I have always been fond of the game Magic of Scheherazade. I also remember enjoying the music from it. Whilst I'd be happy to see ANY remix from this game, I am particularily hoping to some day see the title theme from MoS. It always just sounded very grand and heroic considering the poor sound quality.
  4. Happy Birthday djpretzel! I don't say much on the forums, but I am SOOO glad you founded this site. OCremixes dominate my playlist! Again, I wish you many happy returns.
  5. Still looking for anyone willing to work with this...
  6. I'd also like to add a way to contact me if you aren't keen on e-mails. If you have AIM, I am Sanity Oubliette.
  7. Yes, er, that was a typo. http://demipage.homestead.com/files/zel_lul.mp3 is the right link. Clever on figuring that. Sorry.
  8. Well, it's just got such a tune that it SHOULD have lyrics, you know? I kind of like how you slowed down or space out at the words at the end. It really gives it the lullaby feel. Nice and simple lyrics to go with the tune. Lullabies don't need to be complicated pieces of work, which is what is nice about them. It does have a difficult range, which is why it would be torture for anyone to have to listen to my attempts. But... since you were brave enough to post yours, I'll post my audial 'sketch' as I like to refer to it as. It isn't there for talent, it's there for demonstration because describing which syllable goes with which note... I don't know how to do that! But just brace yourselves! http://demipage.homestead.com/files/zel_lul.mp3
  9. I didn't know whether to put this as a request or where to put it... but I've had that Zelda lullaby (I think that's what it's called - anyway, second most popular Zelda tune at any rate) tune stuck in my head, and I sat down writing some lyrics to go with the music, since it is a pretty ditty. However, I am musically inept.... and cheap... so I was wondering if anyone would like to take on doing a vocal remix using my lyrics, because I just can't do it. I know it's asking a LOT... and may be in the wrong thread. If so, please redirect me. Here are the lyrics (minus the second and last stanza - I have the full version on my laptop which is not with me at present). I also have a crappy lil' recording of how the words fit into the tune, but I am NOT posting it here for everyone's safety. I can't sing well, and my mic is for the birds. It's sort of like a rough draft of how the words fit into the melody. Of course it would utlimately be up to any kind remixer(s) that would take on this endeavor to interpet how they think it should go. So e-mail me ( oubliette.jo@gmail.com ) if you're interested, and I'll send you the rest... and um... if you want to hear my interpretation (if you have a high pain tolerance) I can send the file over to you. Rest your ears Dear Rest your heart None can harm you While in my arms Close your eyes And realize The sun will always rise I'm always near you Banishing fears you Whisper into my ears Night's but a passageway Into a brand-new day There's no need for tears - Shying in the corner, ♠ Oubliette ♠
  10. I had to listen to this one a second time because of interruptions *glares at phone* but the second time through I found I really appreciated this remix. AS stated before, there isn't a lot of well done trance out there, and this certainly shines! I really like about 4:45 where the heavy beat drops off and that eerie accompanyment faintly heard in the background pushes through to the surface with those awesome bells tinking away in the background. It sounds very ominous in my opinion! In a good way of course! This one is DEFINATELY going on my list. ..... Being a bit of a newb... I feel liking I'm missing something when this 'Kong Concert' gets brought up.
  11. I'm Mormon too, but the voices or shouts or whatever I guess sound a bit tribal. Maybe Lamanite-ish. <.< >.> I like them though.
  12. When I saw the title, I had to listen to it (Loving the Red XIII and Cosmo Canyon theme) and listened for a while in glee. I really loved the dynamics used later into the song and I was actually getting chills. I think it is very dramatic and brings the piece out very well. I'll admit when I was listening to the start, the piano, I was eagerly waiting for the main melody to be brought out and the first time I listened to it I didn't really hear it. The second time I heard it quite clearly. I just love the peaceful piano was interrupted with a loud percussion (and shout?) at 1:32 and it leads into the more recognized rhythm from the original. Very impressing (but having no talent as a muscician or a critic, I'm easily impressed... BUT very sincere). I can't help but ask... why Mormons?
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