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  1. I'm currently (well, since like two months ago, heh) seeding 501-1000. I'd be seeding 1-500 also but I screwed up with the tags and filenames -> no seeding. I'll try to seed it as long as possible, let's see if I can reach a year ) (though my computer is shut down nightly ^^)
  2. zeldawing59, just download the torrent file(s) from http://bt.ocremix.org/ , it should first download them and after that don't remove them. Your Azureus will be uploading(=seeding) it after that. I would gladly seed, but I have changed the filenames So it doesn't like me anymore. But I'll download the 500-1000 pack and won't change the filenames. But I must do some tricks so my foobar2000 doesn't modify the actual ID3 tags then (I like 'em nice and clean), but modifies the database. Since if it modifies the files, hashes change -> unable to seed. Gosh, it really is true. "To err is human, but to really foul things up, you need a computer."
  3. I so very love this song. I downloaded this in the 001-500 pack and I just can't stop listening to this song... And now I noticed that I'm gonna be late from a hobby if I don't hurry. But still, the instruments are great, the song is great, the echo is great, the remixer is something near God et cetera. Thanks for a great remix.
  4. This is just so hilarious The sheep just owns the song. Haha. I'm currently listening to it and my father looked at me with a "WTF"-face XD He asked that "What is this?" and he didn't so quite believe me... first...
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