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Found 21 results

  1. Bubble Bobble 'Hillbilly Rodeo' Hell yeah! This is a MUST download! I didn't know djp could sound so convincingly "backwoods". It's really not that bad at all, and it is hilarious! It was when djp posted this to the site that I decided I could probably get away with my ROBOVoice shtick. Damn I can't help but laughing while listening to this. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW if you haven't heard this already. This should be required listening for everyone who visits OverClocked.
  2. Super Mario Bros. 'Dirty Mix' Super Mario Experimental Break Beat insanity is the only way I can describe this mix. I don't think this one is going to be everyone's favorite flavour, but I'm thinking that it just might be one of my top favorite songs from OC ReMix. Some people took the time to load this up with as much insanity as possible. Reminds me a whole lot of Aphex Twin's break beat stuff. If you dig break beat and like the insanity of Mustin's 'Haunted Hell' with a touch of CotMM's static effects, this one is definitely for you. The quality being at 320 kbps makes this a long download, and is probably not totally necessary, but considering the fact that I'm not on dial-up any more and this song is so damn amazing I'm just going to ignore that fact. To A Scholar & A Physician, all I have to say is this is amazing work and I want more, much more.
  3. Legend of Zelda 'The Music of My Groin' What's that smell? Shael, you're awesome, even if you do hate episode 2, you dirty bastard. this is a great little bizarre remix. i like it, one of only around 4 people who do. show me i'm not alone! it's hard to say much more about this one, it's just weird and fun.
  4. Chrono Trigger 'Team Gato' One of the more fun mixes on OC. This mix has some really good music throughout, in varying styles, but the focus is on the dialog going on. It's quite humourous, I suggest it if you want a laugh and not a serious song. That would be my only qualm actually, while the mix is great for the humour aspect, I really liked the first variation of the theme and would have loved to hear a full mix of that style, sans vocals. Definitely suggested.
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