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  1. thank you for your kind words

  2. Hey I want to thank you for your perfect work on celes theme from Final Fantasy 6 is so epic I just love it and I became a member of this page just to let you know how I feel about your job. Keep going because you have great skills and you make a impressive composer.

  3. Piano arrangement of Terra theme from Final Fantasy. Let me know what you think! http://pwatts14.googlepages.com/FarewellTerra-FinalFantasy6Gorg.mp3
  4. I'm familiar with EWQLSO and have used it before (but I don't own it). GPO is great and you are right, I can do more with it. But that isn't a sample issue which is why I was puzzled. I'm not sure what you mean by "tonality" in your final comment. It is clear you don't mean tonality (what key it is in), though. Maybe timbre? Just asking for clarification because I still don't know what you are trying to say there. Thanks for the comments. From what I can gather most of your criticisms are on the lack of humanization, then? Does the arrangement itself (composition) appeal at all?
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I don't know what to make of some of your comments (especially the PSX one and the one that mentions crescendos are more than just making things quieter??) but I think I get you on the rest. I do tend towards focusing on the arrangement instead of humanizing, so I can understand the comments about mechanical attacks. I'm puzzled by your comments about the sample quality, though. This was done with GPO, which I understand isn't the highest dollar sample library out there, but I think it is more than adequate. I guess GPO just rubs some people the wrong way. I'm al
  6. Wrote a brief but hopefully exciting arrangement of one of the themes from NES Gauntlet. Probably too short to get in here, but maybe there are some suggestions to help with that? I don't know, what do you think? I really like this, personally. http://pwatts14.googlepages.com/gauntlet-scherzo-2.mp3
  7. It would probably help to include the link! http://pwatts14.googlepages.com/HeroicJourney.mp3
  8. This is from Dragon Warrior, various themes. I posted an early version of this a long time ago and finally got around to "finishing" it. Please let me know what you think and what needs improvement! Appreciate any time.
  9. great now i miss vgmix again thanks guys
  10. Yeah I've been considering adding some more percussion. I probably will. I use FL Studio 8 and Garritan Personal Orchestra and a few strategic soundfonts.
  11. I really appreciate the comments. I will hopefully be adding some stuff to it, but I was hoping to get a little more feedback from people here about whether or not this is heading in a good direction.
  12. Updated file with a lot more of the composition. If you listened to the original, this one is different now. http://pwatts14.googlepages.com/gauntlet-scherzo-2.mp3
  13. A hopefully exciting setting of one of the cutesy themes from the original Gauntlet. I made a crappy arrangement of this when I was first starting out, but it was pretty boring and uninspired, plus nooberific, so it just sat there. Hopefully I've learned a little since then. Here is the beginning. Obviously this isn't the whole thing yet. http://pwatts14.googlepages.com/gauntlet-scherzo-2.mp3
  14. Search for Sonic Implants cymbal rolls. That's a free one I found a couple of years ago that I use a lot.
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