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  1. Hey Koen! Great work! I'm no musical expert, but I'd love to give my input on your remix! First off, I REALLY like your vibe and direction of the piece. I clearly see what you're going for, and the beat and sounds really mesh well together. The only things that really stuck out to me were: 1. The lower string/synth sound you use in the beginning, starting at around 0:04 sounded really lacking and unrefined. I think since the it's playing by itself mostly, all the concentration is on it, and I think it could sound fuller and a bit more realistic if at all possible. 2. This one is completely just my opinion, but I would love to hear the background parts be much fuller and a more prominent component to the piece. The main melody is great, and I think the background should be supporting the main part more and be less of just background noise. Again, I'm just a guy that loves music, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Great work though!
  2. Just out of curiosity, if there was a new game that came out with an awesome track that you just HAVE to remix right away.. Without the MIDI to help you find what all the notes are, what are your guys' general process to starting a remix? and how do you find what notes to use? (or are you all THAT musically gifted to do it by ear? cause that would be amazing) I mean, logically, it would be to recreate the song in piano or something and work from there, but last I tried doing that, recreating the song alone took forever! Just wondering what the pros do! Thanks. Edit: Wow thread title was supposed to be ReMix Songs WITHOUT MIDI... Fail.
  3. oh my... and now, when i use asio4all v2 or whatever, i see the bars moving meaning that its detecting my mic.. but no sounds!!! ahhh.. what the heck did i do!??!? sorry.. haha i feel like im causing more problems
  4. haha waiitt.. i used Asio4allv2 or whatever.. and the mic works great now, but i can't hear my other sounds now... -.-
  5. well, i have a mic plugged in to my mic port, and audacity recognizes my mic, but i go to my mixer, and in the "in" thing, nothing is listed there for me to choose... =/
  6. Yeah, I feel sorta dumb but I just can't find it... (through the mixer i believe)
  7. no wait really? last time i checked we were looking for some hosts? how is this project getting along so far?
  8. this song is reallllllllly addictive. nice work
  9. I see that some people have avatars that arent on the list.. Is there a function I'm missing to do that or is it only open to certain people?
  10. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! probably one of my most favoritist holidayz ever!!! Black Friday? I would LOVE to buy a computer that could actually run games and shit, but unfortunately i dont have the money, even with a huge sale such as that of Black Friday... But even so, with the economy and such being so low, i doubt this year's black friday is gonna be as good as others, but still awesome. the economy goes down the shitter on black fridays rofl
  11. Good Egg Galaxy is a GREAT orchestral song, and I thought the remix was reaaalllllyyy well done!
  12. YAY i found it in the link Rozo had, wtf I didnt even know those links existed! tricky tricky OCRemix! haha
  13. how about fuckin' nemesis?! (i think that counts) that game is sooooooooooooooooooooo hawt
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