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  1. I'm not, do you know of any sites that give away this kind of information for free? I bought FL Studios from a store (as opposed to the internet), and I don't think I have the option to see them either. How lame. You have to register, but I'm almost positive that you're able to view the tutorials. And, XOR-SYS, I've been playing more with automation clips, and I think I've got a grasp on them, but I'm a little confused by your question. Are you saying that when you make an automation clip, you want to be able to have unique clips controlling the same function? You simply need to create a
  2. Wow, that was relaxing. I really don't know what to say . . . the guitar was very nice, complimented well by the softer instruments in the background. I haven't played the game, so I can't say for sure whether it fits the original material, but I'm willing to wager that you're spot on. I'm still new at hearing this, but the mixing, the volume levels, seemed perfect. *yawns* I'm ready to go to bed now.
  3. Not bad. Average is a good word. Something about this mix seemed a little too sparse . . . like I was only listening to half of the instruments. This can be a good thing sometimes, if done right, but this just didn't feel quite finished to me. Something about the way it kept building up and then slowing back down bothered me a bit too . . . it would have been alright to do it once, but the whole song is up and down and up and down. Maybe I'm a slave to my formulas. I dunno. For some positive . . . from 0:27 to 0:40 was great. Really.
  4. I don't know about whether changing some of the repetition would make it bad. As it is now there really isn't much lasting value to the song. Alright, cool beat, catchy, but it's more annoying really when it pops up in my playlist. I do like the drums and the work that went into them. They're simple enough to keep from becoming dominating but still have some drive to them. Those bell-things are driving me insane though. They just keep going and going and going. Hurting . . . brain . . . And . . . it seems like it could have ended nicely at 3:38.
  5. Castlevania has soundtracks that I have loved since I was . . . I don't know . . . three years old? I've always wanted to hear some of these songs seriously rocked on guitar like they were meant to, and dammit Goat, you are my hero for doing such a good job on this one that I just want to curl up in fetal position and hold my headphones to my ears . . . 'cause I like it that much. I like the wah guitar in the background on the verse, the trills and embellishments you stack on, and . . . like . . . that backpedaling thing you do at 1:14 . . . teh solo at 3:40 . . . The only thing I would be a
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