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  1. I can't describe just how MUCH I love this remix. The whole thing is gorgeous, but the ending very nearly leaves me breathless. Definitely one of the most beautiful--if the THE most beautiful--remix on the site. The Wingless' piano work is, as always, so full of emotion and great arrangements, and Destiny's voice is just the greatest tasting icing on an already fantastic cake. GREAT job. I wish you two would collaborate more.
  2. LOVE IT. LAAAHHHVE IT! Matter of fact, I HAVE been waiting for an all out acoustic FF7 remix, and this is just the perfect thing. Excellent job.
  3. On ormagas.com, as a rating scale, they tell you, "...1 (sucks donkey butter) to 5 (this song will play on my wedding day)..." I give this a full 5. YES, I WANT THIS SONG TO PLAY AT MY WEDDING. Yeah, maybe I'm weird, or maybe I just have a soft spot for our favorite short Italian plumber, but it really is gorgeous. This was my favorite song from Mario 64, and one of the first songs I downloaded here. Since then, I've sought out nearly everything djpretzel has done, whether I've played the game or not (I'm not done yet...did you SEE the list of songs he has???). Good...no...GREAT job, djpretzel.