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  1. I also just noticed the NIN Closer cover (2-11 "Corruption")... How did I miss this in my first couple listens? I'm a big NIN fan.
  2. Just fantastic work. Considering the quality of the original work, I had high expectations. Been a follower of the OC Remix community for many years. Sonic tunes are what originally drew me here as a child of the Genesis and a stalwart SEGA fanboy. I can still remember being pumped for Hedgehog Heaven and with the release of this project we've come full circle. All the classic Sonic games have been given the full OCR treatment. It's interesting that this release reflects how far video game arranging/remixing has come as well as how music has changed overall in the years I've been listening to OCR music. This release also gains my vote as the strongest tribute album yet. This collection is nostalgic, fresh, polished and above all a complete audio treat. It truly makes me appreciate the past, present and future
  3. Megadeth. I just love Rust in Peace so much!
  4. Kaiser


    Saw it in IMAX yesterday. What a movie. Same here. Fucking amazing scenes.
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