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  1. I did a double-take when I saw this. Someone did a remix for the Solstice theme? Kick ass. Actually, I was even more pleasantly surprised when I heard the remix, because it is outstanding. I am definitely liking this. I know some friends will get a kick out of it. Nice work. Heh. That's my run. I also did a pure speed one in 6:42, but there's no video for that one.
  2. It's the theme that plays after Ness records a melody onto the Sound Stone. For instance, there's a theme that plays when you enter a "Your Sanctuary" location, then there's a melody and a vision, and then "A Flash Of Memory" plays.
  3. I personally felt that the first part of the song - the "cover" - was more impressive than the original material after the intro, since it clearly lacks the intensity of the original song. It picks up after the half-way point into the song, and the Atma rendition is well-done. If the wind-ups and transitions were a bit more intense, I'd call this a great remix. As it is, I'll just call it a good remix.
  4. This is THE best remix on the site, in my opinion. At least out of the couple hundred that I have heard. THIS is how it's supposed to be done. Many remixers on this site like to destroy songs by covering them in a style that's the polar opposite of the mood the game was trying to set when this song was being played. It always irritates me when someone on this site does a soft jazz remix of a battle theme or decides to cover a moderately fast theme on a piano, played at less than half the speed. It happens to even the best of them; even Nobuo Uematsu and the Black Mages managed to ruin Otherworld when they covered it. But this remix really sounds like it belongs in EarthBound. EarthBound was a light-hearted game with emotionally serious undertones, especially towards the end, and you really get that same feeling when listening to Dreaming On Distant Shores.
  5. No, but only because I've never had the chance to check out his/her work. And in any case, I'd much rather read a description of what the remix is like and not someone trying to show off.
  6. Ah, I see. Yeah, you should do something about that, as it really takes away from the rest of the song. And a complaint to someone else, what is with the nonsense in the remix description? I'm a musician myself and have taken some theory, but what in the world does it mean to have an "Ethereal, Cthulhian energy?" Cthulhian is not a word. Speak English.
  7. An elaboration, then. My biggest complaint is the sound itself, which could either be attributed to the production or to the effect you had on the lead guitar. When you're playing, some of the long notes are painful to listen to, particularly some of the high ones in New Continent. You really need to do away with that "screeching" noise; it sounds like a test of the emergency broadcast system. And this complaint is coming from a metalhead. Now, the rhythm sounded fantastic, and if you would just leave the lead either distorted or clean, rather than making me say, "WTF is this," you'd have a winner. Don't take it personally, and I'm not being rude. I'm being "bluntly honest."
  8. I don't like this remix at all. It is very good playing, but the arrangement and the sound the guitar makes leave something to be desired. There are good ways to make a guitar sound "evil," but this isn't one of them. In the end, though it's not my taste, this is a decent remix, though it doesn't do Uematsu's masterpiece justice.
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