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  1. Love it. I had forgotten how cool VF sounded; I remember getting a free Saturn Sampler CD with tunes from VF, Daytona, Thunderhawk and the like on it at the time and playing it til my ears cried for joy, and this takes me back to those happy days when throwing around less polygons than the PS1 just didn't matter! I particularly enjoy the part where, about two thirds through, Vince DiCola and Daft Punk clearly broke in and made sweet, sweet love on your synthesiser. Made me want to man up, grow a mullet, and overcome nigh impossible odds! Woop!
  2. That's a sweet gigue right there. I don't know the source, and am not a remixer myself, so I can't level the constructive criticism that others might in this case, but I enjoyed this mix. It has a great illicit-maritime feel that perfectly captures the urge to buckle one's swash. You 'ave a touch of destiny aboat you, John Revoredo..
  3. true, but some of my favourite people are short. Well, compared to me. I think of it as a collection of HAPPY nuggets! It's like a Japanese meal: Small portions, but so many courses! I would nag and nag for a longer version, but in the end would it be as good? this is just sweet as it is.
  4. I keep coming back and listening to this, it is beautiful. Zircon is among my favourites on OCR (Monstrous Turtles gets a LOT of play when I am cycling to work!) and with the addition of Pixie's haunting vocals... well, you remember how COOL you thought Evanescence were before you realised all their songs sound the darn same? Multiply that cool by the number of times you hit the fire button when you completed Super Metroid, and we're about there for how much I like this mix. My entire sock drawer considers itself rocked.
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