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  1. Very interesting read. To answer your question, I currently have 3 versions of Ocarina of Time: the original (and I mean original) cart the rerelease (which was some sort of preorder bonus for Wind Waker if I remember correctly) for GameCube the OTHER rerelease (plus some other Zeldas) for GC, Collector's Edition, which was from a promotional nintendo.com thing. O.K., technically they're not EXACTLY the same (differing in the color of Ganondorf's blood and the Muslim chants in the Fire Temple, as well as possibly some other minor details), but that's semantics. I don't think I'll get the VC release; I've gotta save my money for tangible games. Oh, and I'm about to have 3 iterations of Panel de Pon (aka Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, etc.) as soon as my shitty Gamestop gets the shipment, and I couldn't be more excited about playing a game I first played back for the SNES.
  2. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. If you do this, you will be my hero.
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