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  1. Hey all, can I get some ideas about where to find some hard to find video game music? I'm looking for music to Blazing Angels - googled and searched but to no avail. Thanx.
  2. hahahaha!!! This must be the most peculiar collab ever =) StarFox and Red tailed Fox teaming up! Great!! We may call it "Fox Dialogue"... Send me a sound bit to recreate or sample to add guitar to. Just be sure to earmark it with "OCR" or something similar so I know its not junk mail, guys. Thanx
  3. This song is awesome. The entire track sounds like he hired a rock band for a session and cranked out this bad boy. LoL, Awesome remix, again!
  4. You did a very excellent job elaborating the ending credits song of this Star Fox track. The original track captured the moment of the multi-colored words scrolling across the screen, but this track in my mind-listening to it just makes the credits pop RIGHT out of the screen and into your face! The "come in, Corneria" voice-over adds such a great effect to the remix. The radio static really does the trick in that part as well, I love it! I haven't played either Star Fox, or '64 in such a long time, I could swear it came from the N64 game - either way, nice touch! Very beautiful elaborati
  5. This was my first song I downloaded from the site. I stumbled onto OCR via some video game flash sites and it contained the OCR web address. I have been a loyal fan of the music on this site and i continue to spread to word to all my friends that listen to this kind of music. Anyway, musically, I have been a HUGE-loyal fan of Extreme-G. The tracks on all three games just keeps your heart pumping through-out all the different tracks. When I found this particular remix, My jaw dropped and I had to unglue my ears from the speakers because the remix had been so masterfully crafted to the orig
  6. This was my second song I downloaded from the OCR site, after getting over the initial shock of even finding a music site with this kind of music and content took my breath away. I couldn't even to begin to recover when I started hearing the remixes I downloaded (comparing to stumbling onto a gold mine!) On top of the remixes I snagged, I also went to indiviual artists website and got some originals from them as well. Anyhoo, Playing Metroid: Prime, I instantly fell in love with the Phendrana background music. That piece has been my #1 favorite in the entire game. DarkeSword, you did a fan
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