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  1. Hey all, can I get some ideas about where to find some hard to find video game music? I'm looking for music to Blazing Angels - googled and searched but to no avail. Thanx.
  2. hahahaha!!! This must be the most peculiar collab ever =) StarFox and Red tailed Fox teaming up! Great!! We may call it "Fox Dialogue"... Send me a sound bit to recreate or sample to add guitar to. Just be sure to earmark it with "OCR" or something similar so I know its not junk mail, guys. Thanx
  3. This song is awesome. The entire track sounds like he hired a rock band for a session and cranked out this bad boy. LoL, Awesome remix, again!
  4. You did a very excellent job elaborating the ending credits song of this Star Fox track. The original track captured the moment of the multi-colored words scrolling across the screen, but this track in my mind-listening to it just makes the credits pop RIGHT out of the screen and into your face! The "come in, Corneria" voice-over adds such a great effect to the remix. The radio static really does the trick in that part as well, I love it! I haven't played either Star Fox, or '64 in such a long time, I could swear it came from the N64 game - either way, nice touch! Very beautiful elaboration to the original number.
  5. This was my first song I downloaded from the site. I stumbled onto OCR via some video game flash sites and it contained the OCR web address. I have been a loyal fan of the music on this site and i continue to spread to word to all my friends that listen to this kind of music. Anyway, musically, I have been a HUGE-loyal fan of Extreme-G. The tracks on all three games just keeps your heart pumping through-out all the different tracks. When I found this particular remix, My jaw dropped and I had to unglue my ears from the speakers because the remix had been so masterfully crafted to the original music number from the game. Reading the posts regarding the complaints of too much volume of the drum tracks, to be honest - thats the way it was in the game also. I know when playing the game, the drum tracks were what mainly caught my ear, and on occasion I would pick up the melody in the track. I think bLiNd did a great job keeping to the originality of the Extreme-G OST. I sincerely hope more people will pick up remixing some more music from all three Extreme-G games because there are some great techno beats contained.
  6. This was my second song I downloaded from the OCR site, after getting over the initial shock of even finding a music site with this kind of music and content took my breath away. I couldn't even to begin to recover when I started hearing the remixes I downloaded (comparing to stumbling onto a gold mine!) On top of the remixes I snagged, I also went to indiviual artists website and got some originals from them as well. Anyhoo, Playing Metroid: Prime, I instantly fell in love with the Phendrana background music. That piece has been my #1 favorite in the entire game. DarkeSword, you did a fantastic job of remixing the Phendrana music. It really sounds like this piece orignated from a video game OST. Even after hearing the song, I have it continously plaing over and over in my head for a good 2-3 hours. Thanx again for the great song!
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