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  1. Wow I was certainly impressed transition and everything was just straight up sexy. Im still going through it right now and loving every secound and I must say that he did a very excelent job, five monthes work well spent.
  2. Pretty good but the begining has little revalence to the second portion of the song and not that much of a transition into the secound half. That is my main preoblem with it, overall though it is pretty good.
  3. That is just to awsome, freaking great intro and the switch off was just excelent and then ahh it is just awsome one of my favs on my comp now.
  4. The origional song from the game itself happened to be one of my favorite tunes of all time, not exactly for its quality but just for it itself. This remix really brings it home for me I love a lot of the things that has been done to it, just very nice work. Allthough some parts kinda didn't like but overall though it was pretty good. Good job.
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