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  1. I'm suprised nobody mentioned this before, but, doesn't this really pemind you of ProtoVaffe? I've listened to them countless times, and this seems to follow ProtoVaffe, note for note. I just thought you should know. Anyway, 15 out of 10 Canned Hams on this one!
  2. This is a wonderfully put together piece, but it always reminds me of an extremely funny website that got shut down, so it always makes me feel kind of sad when I listen to it... Don't get me wrong, though, I love this Re-mix! Keep 'em comeing!
  3. This is an exellent Remix! I like almost dark feeling to it, and, if only they played this during Eight Legged Freaks, this would have gone great when they showed the spiders mauling people in the streets! Definately in my top 5!
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