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  1. Nice beat, I enjoy listening to it. But, what song is the remixed from exactly? I'm a very big EB fan and i'm playing it again right now, and I don't recognize this song at all.
  2. This is a pretty good remix. Not something that I can listen to more than a few times a week though. I love the frog croak though, I found it awesome for some reason.
  3. With in the first 10 seconds you can already tell that this remix is going to be awesome. The piano is just amazing and then the drums come in and just increase the whole song and make it a million times better. But the best part is at 2:26 when the intro piano is played with the drums over them. I love this mix.
  4. Beautiful. I love this song. It makes me just forget about all the problems i'm having and helps me just sit back and relax.
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