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  1. Neoslice - You know, you're quite the hypocrit. You say people don't mean to make things that sound like "shit". Well, if people don't mean to make things sound like shit then why would people make things to look like shit? That's the case with your post/review. I find it rather amusing in the least, if not a bit annoying as well. You did nothing but badmouth the song, however, you couldn't even spell things correctly nor spell them out. I find that rather pitiful. It's sad that the culture is falling prey to such things as 'leet' speak and 'net-lingo'. Just because you do not agree with the
  2. In all honesty, you have a decent voice. I've been singing for the past 13 years and know that there are far, far worse out there. Not to mention, it was entertaining. I sang that song for the talent show in 9th grade.
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