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  1. Ah geez.. lol gotta make another export today then, must have exported mono instead of Stereo yo FOO!!! It's all your fault

  2. Thanks man, appreciate it, glad you like it, and ROCK ON!

  3. Hi man, not sure, there has been quite a few times where we are not properly credited to be honest, one time there was a trailer of a project, and everyone was mention except for us.

  4. Should change the name to The Dual Dragons? lol That's what we've been calling us all along, thus: www.thedualdragons.com.. And the "THE" over the DUAL in the logo.. and welcome to The Dual Dragons website LOL

  5. Is it possible to change a username? I guess we'd have to start off at point zero?

  6. And it's been done yay lol

  7. Hey dude, great job with filling out the tracks for the project!

  8. Good job on the Bad Ass project man, turned out great!

  9. Hey thanks man! Appreciate it :)

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