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  1. If an acid trip had an acid trip, with lines of dialog make it even more surreal. Suda 51 was going for the gold medal in crazy.

    I'm a few hours into it. It's fun to play, it's a bit basic on the combat, but it has a counter/dodge system that feels good when you pull it off. I had a blast with the second boss, dodging and countering him like crazy.

    The minigame to get new sub weapons is rather insane. You gawk at a woman while she's looking away and look at her face when she is looking at you, once you do that long enough you give her a gift.

    It's pretty much more of Suda51 craziness. If you dig his stuff you'll probably like it, if not I suggest avoiding this one. I would suggest one of his other games if this would be your first Suda51 games, check out No More Hero's before picking this up.

    I avoided Lollipop Chainsaw like the plague, don't want a dumb blonde cheerleader in my game collection lol But I got KiDead and enjoyed it a lot, like you said, the combat is a bit on the simple side, but still satisfying, like getting headshots with subweapon, dodging at perfect times to get insane combos and those counters that lead to stylish air combos etc. fun stuff.

    I wish I had a jump button though, and the loading times were ridiculous in this game, shouldn't have had to load that long, especially not with the 4 GB install.

  2. Well, they've promised a LOT with Versus XIII, and whenever I look at the list of the stuff they want in the game, I go: Can't be for PS3, no PS3 game is even close to this ambitious in scope with this kind of graphics.

    So my guess it is will guaranteed go to PS4 because of size.

  3. Well, this is the reason I've never really been much fan of neither Mario nor Zelda games. They have dull concepts and fail to entertain me most of the time.

    The interesting thing is that, a lot of women out there prefer female characters to act sexy, see how well Bayonetta was received by female gamers?

    But she also saved the MAN in that game, which was a fresh take on it. Reversed roles.

    The game NeverDead has a female sidekick that has a lot of guts and can protect herself, the only reason why you protect her a little at times in that game is because you are immortal and can take the hits. But again she is portrayed in a sexy way and cameras love to zoom in on her ''parts''.

    I think Meryl in Metal Gear Solid 1 and 4 was badass and she was even the leader of her own group in MGS4, but you had to save her a couple of times as well. But let's not forget that Otacon was the whimpiest character in that game.

    Personally I love how RPG's handle women a lot of the time. Equally strong team members that either help out intellectually or often times tend to be even stronger than male party members, like Pascal in Tales of Graces for example. And Tifa in FF VII even takes Cloud's place during a part in the story while HE needs the help.

  4. It's on Spotify, for anyone who didn't know that... seems like anything on Amazon and iTunes is on Spotify, I don't know how that works but EH. I want my music on there! I don't know how to do it! I guess I should ask Dan.

    I will be listening to this in full through Spotify soon!

    ALSO, two other Dan Johansen albums are on there. That's awesome, check them all out

    edit: I looked it up, all you need is cdbaby hmm...

    Yeah, CDbaby sends it out to most digital stores out there. Takes awhile after they get it up, like 1-2 weeks, which is why I updated because it's a bit slow. But it's really nice not having to worry about getting it to all of the stores manually.

  5. Glad to see others enjoy it as much as I do! I am trying to beat revengeance mode but woooooo I am struggling, trying to avoid using the fox blade. The sai is growing on me more and more though, I am getting addicted to its stun effect on the bigger enemies.

    I am also looking forward to the Jetstream Sam DLC!

  6. So after a long time waiting in pain and agony in anticipation of this game, I am glad I've finally got to play and finish it.

    At first when it was announced I was skeptical because they spoke of it as a spin-off, and that it had nothing to do with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. But as they went on about the game it surfaced that it was canon after all and was more of an after-math kind of game, and this really pumped me up!

    Now that I've experienced it I gotta say, I'm impressed, it's got one of the best parry systems I've ever experienced in a game. And it really rewards you for mastering it. And what I especially love about it is that just about ANYTHING regardless of enemy size can be blocked. And best of all, finally a action game where you can block everything the bosses do.

    I felt that the gameplay was stellar in many ways, not quite as good as Devil May Cry / Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden 2 combo wise, but it's right up there with them. A SOLID 4th place.

    It's got tons of replay value as well which I was surprised by, a lot of unlockables etc. Skins and weapons to get.

    Did anyone else get the game yet? What are your thoughts?

  7. cuinthafront.jpg

    CDbaby link:


    Amazon link:


    iTunes link:


    Here are three tunes for free so you can get a taste:


    And the awesome artwork was done by the talented Juan Arrabal.


    Album description:

    Cuintha, the epic land containing many mysteries and blessings such as the Raining Cave, the Floating Island of Githrau, the majestic Flying Moon Creature, the free spirited and artistic city of Adventua and many more places that makes the peaceful land both unique and a fantastic place to experience. Many mountains reach all the way up and above the Magic Cloud Sea and the plains are so vast it takes years to travel on foot, the Three Moons shine their reflection on the lakes and oceans across the world.

    If only other worlds were as free of suffering and pain as Cuintha. Free of the chains of currency and the evils that follow it.

    It is a unified world of beauty and purity, of peace and tranquility.

    Why I made this album:

    I wanted to create cinematic music that would fit for games or fantasy films, but since I wanted the music to be more free of spesific story moments, I went in the direction of painting areas that describe the emotions and magical elements of the places and unique animals.

    I aimed at creating a peaceful land with positive emotions. So there are no battles or deaths to be experienced throughout the experience.

    But you are free to imagine whatever story you feel the world could include.

    I Hope you enjoy the album!


  8. Hi everyone! This is Frank Johansen from "The Dual Dragons"

    Website: http://www.thedualdragons.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dual-Dragons/105826716128760?fref=ts

    I want to let you all know that I released my second album this year and also tell you about my previous album, so feel free to CHECK EM OUT!

    My first album released in 2010:

    A.M.D Dimensional Distortion

    A progressive Metal story concept album which you can listen to on my youtube channel or buy.




    My 2nd album released in 2012

    The Destructor (Digital Only, depending on demand it might change)

    Metal/sci fi album about destroying the world and the universe. Buy the album (support), listen to it on youtube

    or download it FREE for ALL!! The link includes the lyrics, music and artwork.

    The reason why my newest album is FREE is because all I really wanna do is spread awesome music and that

    ppl have the opportunity to enjoy it YEAH!!!

    BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE 22 min Track Damnation Pt.2 End Of Time!!

    Download Link:








    Frank Doomrider Johansen

  9. Cool man! Let me know how that goes because I want to use him sometime as well.

    Also, sorry to go offtopic while I'm talking to you, but we need you to sign the online consent forms for your tracks on the SD3 project so we can finish them off. It's a bureau deal and I don't really get it myself, but sometime we would need you to do that.

    Thanks again!

    Hi man, just wanted to let you know that the mastering turned out really awesome, he's def worth using, he's cheap and delivers pro results without spending too long time. He nailed my tracks the first time around, didn't have to fix on anything.

  10. You might want to just save up for a pro-mastering session and put off the release for a little bit.

    Try these guys out: http://www.diamondiscaudio.com/services/audio/mastering/d. That's $30 per track. They also have a $20 option as well.

    There is, of course, options here as well. Zircon did wonders for my ESPERS album and he was $30 a track at the time. They don't get much cheaper than him around here, and if they are, my experience is they're usually too busy to bother.

    If you're really strapped for cash, do a Kickstarter and take pre-orders to help cover the bill, then send out the copies and maybe bonuses to those who paid or paid more for it.

    Those are my recommendations.

    Thanks for the info man, I went a bit back and forth, but decided to go with Doug Diamond, it seemed to be a solid business from his website and he replied me directly after contacting him. It's just 70 bucks more than my budget, so it's no big diff. My previous master dude took 600 bucks for my last album, I couldn't afford that but Diamond has a constant low price which is awesome.

  11. Hi guys, I'm almost finished with my solo album, I am looking for someone who can pull of a pro mastering job. I got 150-200 bucks at disposal. I know it's a bit low considering the normal rates.. but I am on a strict budget.

    If you are secure and can master metal to sound solid and ready for release, let me know!

    If you aren't sure you can do it, or if you're 100% new to mastering, I don't think it's a good idea to take on the job.

  12. You're a fan of the 'classic' Deus Ex, right? Then listen closely and you'll notice melodies from the original were included in songs.

    Not to mention ingame radios playing UNATCO and Main Title among others. Have you played the game btw?

    You complain about 'retro vs modern soundtrack', but may not realize the constraints associated with modern game sound design.

    Nowadays, composing for big AAA titles isn't an all or nothing process like it used to be during the past generations.

    Many require adaptive music, long tracks made of multiple layers that are triggered by player specific action or situations.

    When a composer translates such work into a soundtrack format, it's generally in a more subtle and evolutive way.

    It basically starts slow with few elements and, as the piece progresses, content layers are added to build tension.

    I guarantee you there are plenty of pieces in that soundtrack that have variety, depth and are oozing with details.

    Try being patient and listen to the songs more than 20 sec before skipping to the next track. Then you might notice it too. ;)

    Just because there are no catchy chiptune solos or crazy guitar wankery outright, doesn't mean a game soundtrack is bad.

    The point of game music is first and foremost to fit the game's context/content.

    And in that regard, Michael Mc Cann's work on DXHR was stellar.

    I am a fan of both Deus Ex The Conspiracy and Human Revolution, prefer the original, but both games are great. While the use of music in The Conspiracy is a bit repetitive in terms of the music ALWAYS playing as you go along I can agree to the slightly more subtle use of music in games. However, the laid back oozing atmospheric style that pretty much every single game that is released now a days go with, is insulting to the reputation game music built up since day 1.

    Games are moving more and more towards Movie score soundtracks, and I personally would like to see the continuing of the unique way music has been done in games.

    I've heard the Human Revolution soundtrack from 1st to last track and I say it's nowhere close as melodic, memorable and unique as the first game. It's a professionally scored ''fit the basic emotion'' type of soundtrack. To me it got no balls, no presence of wanting to truly stand out and up the games presence. It just fills the gap to me, no more no less.

  13. I would like to add a touch of negativity regarding the Deus Ex Human Revolution soundtrack, I think it is incredibly generic and dull. Very typical example of retro vs modern soundtrack.

    If you listen to the original Deus Ex soundtrack from back in 2000, it's popped full of melodies, classic, very specific tracks throughout the experience. Human Revolution takes a dump on that standard by holding a couple of chords and playing some random notes on top here and there.

  14. Final Fantasy X HD Remake. That is all. :-)

    Oh, and most of the stuff on your list, Dan. :-P Good list!

    Ohyeah the FF X remake, gonna get that one too.. and the Zone of the enders HD collection, I never bought those games on the PS2 myself, I did clock the first game though :D Borrowed from a friend..

  15. For me, it's all about fighting games.

    Street Fighter X Tekken


    Tekken Tag 2

    That new Ninja Gaiden and Tomb Raider will be killer as well.

    Ohyeah Street Fighter X Tekken, I am preeetty interested in seeing how that turns out. Looks brutal, Kazuya with the street fighter art style = awesomeness

  16. To me, 2011 was pretty dull until the 3rd/4th quarter, with Deus Ex, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed Revelations etc spicing things up quite a bit.

    However, looking at the lineup of 2012, I can't help but getting eagerly excited due to the amount of promising games coming out AND them being pretty well spread throughout the year. And with the Japanese gaming marked struggling, I have a feeling they will get back on their feet again next year!

    Here's my to-buy-list of 2012:

    Tales of Graces F

    Mass Effect 3

    Ninja Gaiden 3 (they promised better story than their previous entries, crossing my fingers for that!)

    Ni No Kuni

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    The Last Story

    Xenoblade Chronicles (US release)

    Asura's Wrath (looks CRAZY)

    Transformers Fall of Cybertron

    Assassin's Creed III (finally it's Desmond's turn to whoop @sses)

    I haven't had a long buy like this since the PS2 era, barely even then lol

    So what games are you excited for next year!?

  17. The lead guitar sounds terrible but I can't place why. The shrill sound it has just doesn't gel well and at least have some variation or something

    Lead guitar in my opinion sounds pretty bad due to 1.It's not in perfect pitch. 2.the guitarist isn't quite good at vibrato control XD

    But still, nice tones and stuff

  18. Not an ALL new cast, but plenty of new characters. I think it's about a 50/50 split right now

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_Fighter_Alpha#Characters ?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_Fighter_III#Characters ?

    Good feedback against my Street Fighter statement.. I guess all the re-released of the same games has me left a feeling that they seldom bring anything new to the table. I would like to see this kind of fresh take for Street Fighter 5 though.. because I think SF4 is way too similar to past entries.

    Mortal Kombat 9 was a huge disappointment to me because Ed Boon had hinted that he wanted to make a MK with all new characters.. then he came with the same old same old.. So I truly hope they do that for the next entry in the series.

  19. All new cast!?!? Brilliant if so.. I almost demand that fighting series come with all new casts.. because there isn't much point in getting a game that is exactly like the previous one.. just with another number in the title. So if it's mostly new characters.. I will be getting this for sure..

    NOW.. It's time for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to do the same thing.

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