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  1. I've been playing for a few weeks now. Add me to the list. My in game name is Laethan.
  2. I keep trying to get into the Rune Factory games. Can't do it. I never tried the futuristic Harvest Moon game on the PSP. Looked awful.
  3. Utilities: Get Flashlight if it doesn't come default. I prefer Android Assistant to take care of my system cleaning. Quick Office for viewing and creating documents that are compatible with MS Office. AndroZip for file management. Games: Blood Brothers - A fun casual game to play when you're bored. SNES9x EX Gameboid - Both are great emulators. Just make sure you own the original games. All the Angry Birds games are completely free, so download them all. Westeros Conquest - So you can rule on the Iron Throne. It's like Risk, Other: Pulse - A visual RSS feed app that lets you follow A LOT of sources. Westeros Map - BECAUSE WHY NOT!? Netflix - If you have an account you can watch shit on the go. Pandora - Same as Netflix, but of course its Music. Pizza Hut - So you can order breadsticks whenever you want. My Fitness Pal - A great calorie counter, weight tracker. It's helped me budget calories and I lost almost 20 pounds last month.
  4. I'm a big fan of the Harvest Moon series. I got the first one back when I was a kid. My favorites are the original, 64, and Mineral Town, but Magical Melody and Tree of Tranquility were not enjoyable for me. I do enjoy Animal Parade, but I think the end of it is just too repetitive.
  5. Hawkwing

    Dota 2

    It could run underground? Haha.
  6. I like to win things. I won a painting done by an elephant at the Buffalo Zoo two weeks ago, so I'm feeling lucky.
  7. [spoilers]My girlfriend was so angry over Eddard's death. She kept proclaiming that main characters can't die. Oh is she in for a treat.[/spoilers]
  8. You have to try to log in using your PSP or PS3. It will then send you an e-mail. Follow the link and you can change your password.
  9. I know the chances are 1 in a million, but I would love to see a remake of Breath of Fire 2. Being able to create a much bigger Hometown with more tenants would be awesome, and more Shamans for a larger variety of fusions. That game was one of my favorite old school JRPGS, and had potential to be so much better if the optional stuff had been more in depth. Or a complete overhaul of Secret of Mana. If not remakes, I would love to see sequels that are to par with the quality delivered with the originals.
  10. Well between my girlfriend an I we're getting all the games minus Little Big Planet, because we already have that. And we'll use her free Plus Subscription when mine runs out.
  11. It's not like it's hardcore porn or anything. My girlfriend has no issue with them. Are other guys finding it hard to get their significant others to watch shows like this?
  12. Very satisfied to see Sam's character present, and it seems to be spot on so far. He's one of my favorite non-main characters.
  13. Has anyone mentioned Shenmue and Shenmue 2? So much work was put into those games, and it shows in every aspect.
  14. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize I came on here and directly insulted you. My apologies. I mean, I must have directly insulted you to make you act like a little child with a big stick. Let's be mature adults here, this isn't a forum for arguing and being pompous, it's a forum for discussion.
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