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  1. A hauntingly beautiful piece. Not many composers can catch the resonance and the soul of a song, let alone two of them. The majesty, the depth, the simple yet profound manner in which the piece comes across is pure brilliance. Then suddenly as if the power of the music is not enough to grip and stun you, the prelude passages knock you off your feet in a sublime "One, two" combination. My review does not do this piece justice, but one hopes that it accurately portrays my enthusiam. Thank you Kevin Lau for the gift of this music.
  2. I downloaded this gem back in May of 2003. Sad yes that it took me this long to review it but apart from my laziness... Smooth, crisp, nice remix. Apart from the refreshing twist on many elements of the original the trumpet solo was very very well done. It is one of my oldest and prized favorites. Kefka's laugh in the track is genius as well as fitting.
  3. I cannot express the beauty of this piece. It is the work of a master... Jeremy Soule paying tribute to another titan of game music composition Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy VI when released to America moved me so deeply that I cried when I heard the final endgame theme. I am glad and very happy to know that it has solicited such a beautiful song from Mr. Soule. DjPretzel said and the same thing I did when I saw the name of JS. Oh. My. God. Grats Ocremix. This IS your finest hour.
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