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  1. So... it looks like this issue has been brought up once before, but I don't think there was any solution. I'm having a problem with the Zune software and certain OCRs that tend to conflict with one another. It seems that they are both recognized by the software, but only one is ever in the library at one time. For instance: We've got Chrono Cross Another Inspiration (by Scott Peeples) and Chrono Cross Time Voyager (by Chronosis). Two separate songs, two separate files. Only... in the Zune player, it thinks these songs are the same. It's a strange problem, and a little hard to explain. H
  2. Hey everyone. TheCetra here. A friend of mine recently clued me into this great site, and I've been pouring over the ReMixes ever since. This is my first REAL venture into a forums too, so I thought I'd give it a shot. There's a bunch of ReViews I want to write, at least. Now I just gotta make up a cool sig...
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