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  1. Happy Birthday! Cool that you share it with me hehe
  2. A lot of that is just speculation and fan theory. I'd take some of it with a grain of salt.
  3. or maybe they'll reboot Hoenn and you're main character from Black and White are the family moving from another region to Hoenn.
  4. Fghting/Dark/Psychic isn't a true loop as the resistances come to a deadend when you go Psychic to Dark (Immune).
  5. Actually According to Ono, a year ago he approached Inafune about which Megaman to put into the game and he responded by telling him this one.
  6. I think 2.0 can revive the game, if not in the west at least in japan. I kinda have faith, a lot of the changes that have been introduced have made the game a lot better than it was back on release. I'm mostly playing to see and do pre-2.0 stuff since once 2.0 hits you can't do them anymore.
  7. Yay got mine, some Bucky Balls! I'll post a pic later. Also to my Secret Santa sorry things have been a bit busy lately and I'll be shipping it out today or tomorrow. Hopefully You will get it by Christmas if not I'm sorry
  8. Little more than an hour till I can get my copy, to celebrate I made a new Kirby art piece ;D Dragonborn Kirby
  9. There were some Bonuses. Ps2 had a demo of MMX8 and GC had.... I forgot
  10. Yea sorry. It's been added. I finally got past the 8th gate since I finally got my 2star shield. Course I died in the first area after that one cause it was many straight arena matches :/
  11. I play it every once in a while. Have too many games to play (especially online ones ><)
  12. I made a Calibur wooo. Now I'm rocking
  13. Yay I made Cobalt Helm and Armor...now to wait a day to actually use them :/
  14. That would be nice I wonder what armor path I will take. The Dragon Scale armor looks rather neat
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