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  1. Happy Birthday! Cool that you share it with me hehe
  2. A lot of that is just speculation and fan theory. I'd take some of it with a grain of salt.
  3. or maybe they'll reboot Hoenn and you're main character from Black and White are the family moving from another region to Hoenn.
  4. Fghting/Dark/Psychic isn't a true loop as the resistances come to a deadend when you go Psychic to Dark (Immune).
  5. Actually According to Ono, a year ago he approached Inafune about which Megaman to put into the game and he responded by telling him this one.
  6. I think 2.0 can revive the game, if not in the west at least in japan. I kinda have faith, a lot of the changes that have been introduced have made the game a lot better than it was back on release. I'm mostly playing to see and do pre-2.0 stuff since once 2.0 hits you can't do them anymore.
  7. Yay got mine, some Bucky Balls! I'll post a pic later. Also to my Secret Santa sorry things have been a bit busy lately and I'll be shipping it out today or tomorrow. Hopefully You will get it by Christmas if not I'm sorry
  8. Little more than an hour till I can get my copy, to celebrate I made a new Kirby art piece ;D Dragonborn Kirby
  9. There were some Bonuses. Ps2 had a demo of MMX8 and GC had.... I forgot
  10. Yea sorry. It's been added. I finally got past the 8th gate since I finally got my 2star shield. Course I died in the first area after that one cause it was many straight arena matches :/
  11. I play it every once in a while. Have too many games to play (especially online ones ><)
  12. I made a Calibur wooo. Now I'm rocking
  13. Yay I made Cobalt Helm and Armor...now to wait a day to actually use them :/
  14. That would be nice I wonder what armor path I will take. The Dragon Scale armor looks rather neat
  15. Ah finally details for this emerged. Sounds kinda like Cursed Canvas in a way. I'll be looking forward to this.
  16. I still need to farm a ton of crap to make 2star stuff
  17. The music in the trailer is the music heard in the game (The Battle themes and Haven city music if I remember correctly). So cool
  18. So has anyone played this yet? It's actually surprisingly fun. It's kinda like a simple PSO mixed with Zelda? I dunno but it's very charming and cute and fun to get a group together and just kill crap. Sign up is free here: http://www.spiralknights.com/ Player List: NeoForte Kiyobi Lorenith (cobaltstarfire) Jayshen (The Author) Garianse (Garian) Thylacine HoopyFrood NegimaSonic Jovianus (Native Jovian) Cinderwild
  19. FFIV DS was closer to Amano in 3D than those piece of crap budget FMVs SE got to do for the FF ports on PS.
  20. FF5 PS1 was a mess of a game. If it's the same one as in Anthology yea I'll stick with my GBA port.
  21. Yay I finally got my Glaceon in that stupid flash game. I hope these eeveelutions are female so we can breed them :/
  22. Wow I finally beat the game....well the main story anyway. That was amazing and the best pokemon I have played.
  23. Oh damn. Forgot all about my local Japanese resturant. I should go and see how they are doing.
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