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  1. Yuna Square-Enix 2001 Character Summary: Final Fantasy X is a groundbreaking RPG as it represents the first fully 3D Final Fantasy, with all in game dialogue voice casted. While the game is focused on and narrated by Tidus throughout the party's journey, Yuna is the central character when it comes to the goal of their journey; the role of every character in the players party is to guard Yuna on her journey. Yuna's name means (in different regions of Japan) both "night" and "blossom" and also refers to a hibiscus flower that blooms at night, as Yuna becomes known for freeing the world of Spira from a time of pain. The daughter of High Summoner Braska, Yuna's journey follows her father's footsteps in trying to rid the world of Spira from the death surrounding the seemingly eternal monstrosity known as "Sin". Ten years prior to Yuna's story, her father had defeated Sin, but the world of Spira accepts that every ten years Sin returns after being defeated. In order to defeat Sin to bring those ten years of calm back to Spira, Yuna must go on a pilgrimage to visit every temple in Spira and gain new Aeons, or summons. She meets Tidus when he washes up on the shore of her home island and asks him to become her guardian on her pilgrimage. At the end of Final Fantasy X, Tidus disappears after they defeat Sin. The popularity of FFX lead it to be the first Final Fantasy to spawn a direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 in which the main character is Yuna, who is searching for Tidus throughout the game. While less reputable than its predecessor, FFX-2 also sold millions of copies worldwide and became a PS2 Greatest Hit. Sources: Wikipedia - Yuna Final Fantasy Insider - FFX Final Fantasy Online - FFX Gamemanuals.net - Final Fantasy X Manual.pdf Appearances: PLAYSTATION 2 Final Fantasy X (2001) Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)
  2. There's a list there... on the first post right under the FAQs... ------------- Princess Ruto Nintendo 1998 Character Summary: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is undisputably the best game to surface on the N64, widely considered by many to be one of the best video games of all time. However, Princess Ruto's role in it is quite minimal, with no logic to justify making it one of the 135 mascots that surface across the Overclocked Remix community. The game manual for Ocarina of Time does briefly makes note of her as a character though: "Zora's princess. Ruto is very much a tomboy." Nevertheless, to expand on that... Link meets Princess Ruto inside the belly of the Lord Jabu Jabu as a result of easing the concerns of her father, King Zora, in hopes of being given the Zora Sapphire. Upon meeting her, rather than just returning to King Zora as Link would prefer, she forces him to carry her around and ends up being used as a tool to surpass various puzzles within the dungeon. After completing the dungeon, Ruto's crush on Link is blatantly revealed and is still prevalent later on in the game, after Link has grown up. She takes the role of the Water Sage as an adult giving him the Water Medallion, needed to save Hyrule. Sources: Wikipedia - Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Characters Gamemanuals.net - Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Manual.pdf Unlimited Gamer - Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Appearances: NINTENDO 64 Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time (1998)
  3. Oops... forgot I had this lying around for the last two weeks... ------------ Serge Square-Enix 2000 Character Summary: Serge is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross, a game which, though remotely based off Chrono Trigger, is an independent role playing game which was both ground-breaking for its time and given stellar reviews. Serge has no speaking parts throughout the game apart from the various choices the player decides to make as Serge's story unfolds. This is meant to allow room for him to represent the persona of the person playing, rather than having an assigned personality, something which was also done in Chrono Trigger. Meanwhile, even for having having more than 40 playable characters, the game has quite strong character development and a complex intriguing plot. Serge's story begins in a serene village, where Serge wakes up from an omninous dream to find himself merely collecting scales by the beach for a girl in the village. When meeting up with her at the beach, suddenly Serge is transported into another world where things have changed drastically. Serge's motive behind his journeying changes throughout the story, from returning home, to saving his friend, to (of course...) saving the world. Chrono Cross has a mixed fan following as it follows neither the style of Final Fantasy or its prequel, Chrono Trigger but creates a unique, original game. However, the game is a well-regarded greatest hit from the era of PSOne RPGs. Sources: Rpg Classics - Chrono Cross Shrine Galbadia X - Chrono Cross Gamemanuals.net - Chrono Cross Manual.pdf Appearances: PLAYSTATION Chrono Cross (2000)
  4. I'm not really sure what you mean. Kingdom Hearts has A LOT of cameos from all the Final Fantasy games and disney characters. For instance, a young Tidus who you can fight with at the beginning of the game. I'm not sure it's necessary to list Kingdom Hearts as a game Tidus is in, particularly since Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out in three months, and most likely will have a lot of the Final Fantasy characters again. Which means we'd have to go through a lot of effort just to add Kingdom Hearts under every Final Fantasy character. It's just gonna be a bunch of work changing things we've already written. In the same way we'll have to change Sora's bio once Kingdom Hearts 2 actually comes out. So I don't know what you want to do about these characters having information that changes a lot.
  5. Yea... It's been awhile... I wasn't in the mood... And earlier you were asking about the official names of final fantasy games: they're all in roman numerals, like Final Fantasy IX, but to abbreviate, most people know all the games as FF9, with the number because it's shorter. I figured it was easy to follow, but however you want to do the names is fine. And FF10 is usually just FFX... I was also curious whether we should include characters like this as listed in say, Kingdom Hearts? I don't really think we should, but he is in there and we do have remixes for the game so whatever. ---------------------- Tidus Square-Enix 2001 Character Summary: Tidus, pronounced "Tee-dus", is the lead hero of Final Fantasy X, a uniquely ground-breaking game for being among the first completely 3D rpgs that was fully voice casted during all dialoge, and yet maintained the typical 50+ hours of gameplay. Tidus' name is taken from the Japanese "Tiida" meaning "Sun" which reflects his character throughout the game. Final Fantasy X begins focused on Tidus, the cheery yet childish star Blitzball player in his futuristic hometown of Zanarkand, when the city gets attacked by a giant monster called "Sin", transporting him into the new, seemingly primitive world of Spira. Tidus' story revolves around his desire to return home to Zanarkand, and his involvement in Spira while attempting to return. Final Fantasy X has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been considered by many to be one of the most successful PS2 games to date, thus it's the first final fantasy to spawn a direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, in which Tidus is not the main character, but the person the main characters search for throughout the game. Sources: Wikipedia - Tidus Final Fantasy Shrine - FFX Final Fantasy Insider - FFX PS2Fantasy.com Article - Tidus Gamemanuals.net - Final Fantasy X Manual.pdf Appearances: PLAYSTATION 2 Final Fantasy X (2001) Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)
  6. Hey ho! Just thought I'd say I love the project... and I don't mind the soundtrack thing, 'cause I listen to movie soundtracks all the time. This makes really good music for doing homework while listening. Hehe, the singing caught me off guard though... I love all the tracks on this, unlike in other past projects where I've just picked out the best songs. I'm not even that familiar with Chrono Trigger, but this is a great project. (Although I can't wait for project chaos either...) Rockin' Awesome.
  7. Vivi Ornitier Square-Enix 2000 Character Summary: As a younger main character of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi is perhaps the most appreciated. His design is taken directly from the generic black mages in the first Final Fantasies, which had since disappeared in the newest ones. Final Fantasy IX is incredibly different compared to the other recent Final Fantasies in that it takes gamers back to the roots of Final Fantasy with a more playful plot than the others, and it takes place in a nostalgic fantasy world. Thus, the characters are not too customizable and have set classes you can't change, there are no handguns or helicopters or complex machines from the world today, the characters are more playfully designed and unrealistically young, and much of the game alludes to something from past Final Fantasies - such as Vivi. In the game, Vivi is a clumsy childish character who is naive to world around him, but wise in dealing with the challenges in it. Vivi's conflict involves his search for identity after he learns early on in the game he was not born but actually produced as a tool for war. His conflict continues as he searches for answers about life and death, and free will and fate. He's revered by normal people to be an extremely powerful black mage, and also plays a key role in your party during the game as the only user of magic such as Fire, Ice, Thunder and others. Vivi has only appeared in FF9 and most likely will be exclusive to it. Sources: Final Fantasy Insider - FF9 Appearances: PLAYSTATION Final Fantasy IX (2000)
  8. Ah... yes... senior year of high school. I don't have books to be buried under so I have nothing but time. One of the things I didn't realize when I posted earlier was that changing forum style actually was imminent. I figured it was just a far off dream... I'd say, you definately need to figure out a perfect bio, that you can put on the first page of this thread and people can use as reference for their bios. Then go ahead and edit grammer on posts like you've done and make sure the organization is constant on every bio. So, here's another one... I'm not feeling quite as good about this one, but whatever. Feedback's appreciated and edit as you feel necessary. --------- The Turks Square-Enix 1997 Character Summary: While the origin of the name "Turks" is unknown, in their first appearance in Final Fantasy VII they represent a special division of the ShinRa Electric Power Company designated mostly to carry out president Rufus' dirty work. They build an interesting relationship with the main heroes of FF7, where they are many times ordered to do one thing, and act differently based on whether they're enjoying their vacation too much or feel as if they're employers are a lost cause, joining forces with the party. Though they are Rufus' dogs they are dynamic characters who many people appreciate after playing FF7. Tetsuya Nomura's design of the Turks along with all other major characters in Final Fantasy VII first brought him into the video game industry. From left to right above, the Turks consist of... Elena - The only female Turk in FF7, she's the newest recruit added to their ranks because of Reno's injuries earlier in the game during the sector plate collapse. She's rather shallow and inexperienced at her newly appointed job. Tseng - Tseng is the serious, persistent leader of the Turks. He disappears for the second half of the game after a scene where he nearly gets killed by Sephiroth. Rufus - Not actually a Turk, but the newly appointed president of ShinRa following his father's death. He intends to control the world by fear and, in the process, attempts to harvest power out of the very life of the world of FF7, the life-stream. Rude - A long-time friend of Reno's, Rude has very few speaking moments in FF7. He's notable mostly by his sunglasses... Reno - The most prominent of the Turks, he's rather arrogant but lazy. Has a lasting vendetta with Cloud and the heroes of FF7 after they leave him injured near the beginning of the game. Within the past year, Square-Enix has revealed multiple titles of movies, cell-phone games, novels, animes, and playstation games that may or may not include the Turks. The ones below are the currently confirmed. Sources: Wikipedia - Turks Final Fantasy Shrine - FF7 RPGamer - FF7 Appearances: PLAYSTATION Final Fantasy VII (1997) OTHER Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (2004) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)
  9. A'ight, so I think this project is a good idea, but it's dying. Honestly it's lacking organization and it's getting caught up on minor details. Now that I've finally read the entire thread here's what I think. Darkesword mentioned creating one locked mascot thread that had each mascot in it, that one or two people could moderate and move bios into. I'd say that's simple and effective enough for right now. You could simply copy the bios straight out of this thread into each of the corresponding 120 posts on that thread, giving the contributer(s) credit. If people thought any of them were inaccurate or felt like writing new ones, they'd post in this thread and the moderator, prolly Dafydd but whoever else would be willing to do it, would consistently check this thread and move bios into the official locked one, or make changes as seemed necessary. Moderators would just format and moderate the official thread itself based on reading input from this thread. What Dafydd seems to have been getting at was to have a thread dedicated to each individual mascot and allow people free reign on posting under the bio with comments about the bio. I think that would take much more effort to regulate if people could comment under every mascot. They should just do it in here methinks. I would personally love to get as involved as I can in this project to see it get going, so what do you think?
  10. Sora Square-Enix / Disney Interactive 2002 Character Summary: Sora, translating into "sky" from Japanese, is the result of a unique blend between the styles of Disney and Final Fantasy. He was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, the designer of many popular Final Fantasy characters, and voice casted by Miyu Irino in the Japanese version and by Haley Joel Osment in the English one. First revealed as the hero of Kingdom Hearts, Sora is introduced as a fourteen year old from Destiny Island who is separated from his friends and home when his world is attacked by the Heartless: creatures born of the darkness in peoples' hearts. Naive but cheery, Sora journeys through various worlds with Donald Duck and Goofy in search of his friends and a way to stop the darkness that's consuming the hearts of people and their worlds using the keyblade. Since his premier role, Sora has starred in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and his story will continue a year after the events of Kingdom Hearts in the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts II, which is expected to debut early 2006. Sources: Wikipedia - Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Appearances: GAME BOY ADVANCE Kindom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004) PLAYSTATION 2 Kingdom Hearts (2002) Kingdom Hearts II (2006) EDIT by Dafydd: This is an excellent bio, as far as organization goes. Clear and Simple. I fixed some minor language issues, but I'm uncertain about the first sentence. Should it be "in" instead of "from"? What's the correct grammar there?
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