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  1. Yuna Square-Enix 2001 Character Summary: Final Fantasy X is a groundbreaking RPG as it represents the first fully 3D Final Fantasy, with all in game dialogue voice casted. While the game is focused on and narrated by Tidus throughout the party's journey, Yuna is the central character when it comes to the goal of their journey; the role of every character in the players party is to guard Yuna on her journey. Yuna's name means (in different regions of Japan) both "night" and "blossom" and also refers to a hibiscus flower that blooms at night, as Yuna becomes known for freeing the world of
  2. There's a list there... on the first post right under the FAQs... ------------- Princess Ruto Nintendo 1998 Character Summary: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is undisputably the best game to surface on the N64, widely considered by many to be one of the best video games of all time. However, Princess Ruto's role in it is quite minimal, with no logic to justify making it one of the 135 mascots that surface across the Overclocked Remix community. The game manual for Ocarina of Time does briefly makes note of her as a character though: "Zora's princess. Ruto is very much a tomboy."
  3. Oops... forgot I had this lying around for the last two weeks... ------------ Serge Square-Enix 2000 Character Summary: Serge is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross, a game which, though remotely based off Chrono Trigger, is an independent role playing game which was both ground-breaking for its time and given stellar reviews. Serge has no speaking parts throughout the game apart from the various choices the player decides to make as Serge's story unfolds. This is meant to allow room for him to represent the persona of the person playing, rather than having an assigned personality,
  4. I'm not really sure what you mean. Kingdom Hearts has A LOT of cameos from all the Final Fantasy games and disney characters. For instance, a young Tidus who you can fight with at the beginning of the game. I'm not sure it's necessary to list Kingdom Hearts as a game Tidus is in, particularly since Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out in three months, and most likely will have a lot of the Final Fantasy characters again. Which means we'd have to go through a lot of effort just to add Kingdom Hearts under every Final Fantasy character. It's just gonna be a bunch of work changing things we've alread
  5. Yea... It's been awhile... I wasn't in the mood... And earlier you were asking about the official names of final fantasy games: they're all in roman numerals, like Final Fantasy IX, but to abbreviate, most people know all the games as FF9, with the number because it's shorter. I figured it was easy to follow, but however you want to do the names is fine. And FF10 is usually just FFX... I was also curious whether we should include characters like this as listed in say, Kingdom Hearts? I don't really think we should, but he is in there and we do have remixes for the game so whatever. --------
  6. Hey ho! Just thought I'd say I love the project... and I don't mind the soundtrack thing, 'cause I listen to movie soundtracks all the time. This makes really good music for doing homework while listening. Hehe, the singing caught me off guard though... I love all the tracks on this, unlike in other past projects where I've just picked out the best songs. I'm not even that familiar with Chrono Trigger, but this is a great project. (Although I can't wait for project chaos either...) Rockin' Awesome.
  7. Vivi Ornitier Square-Enix 2000 Character Summary: As a younger main character of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi is perhaps the most appreciated. His design is taken directly from the generic black mages in the first Final Fantasies, which had since disappeared in the newest ones. Final Fantasy IX is incredibly different compared to the other recent Final Fantasies in that it takes gamers back to the roots of Final Fantasy with a more playful plot than the others, and it takes place in a nostalgic fantasy world. Thus, the characters are not too customizable and have set classes you can't change,
  8. Ah... yes... senior year of high school. I don't have books to be buried under so I have nothing but time. One of the things I didn't realize when I posted earlier was that changing forum style actually was imminent. I figured it was just a far off dream... I'd say, you definately need to figure out a perfect bio, that you can put on the first page of this thread and people can use as reference for their bios. Then go ahead and edit grammer on posts like you've done and make sure the organization is constant on every bio. So, here's another one... I'm not feeling quite as good about this one
  9. A'ight, so I think this project is a good idea, but it's dying. Honestly it's lacking organization and it's getting caught up on minor details. Now that I've finally read the entire thread here's what I think. Darkesword mentioned creating one locked mascot thread that had each mascot in it, that one or two people could moderate and move bios into. I'd say that's simple and effective enough for right now. You could simply copy the bios straight out of this thread into each of the corresponding 120 posts on that thread, giving the contributer(s) credit. If people thought any of them were inacc
  10. Sora Square-Enix / Disney Interactive 2002 Character Summary: Sora, translating into "sky" from Japanese, is the result of a unique blend between the styles of Disney and Final Fantasy. He was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, the designer of many popular Final Fantasy characters, and voice casted by Miyu Irino in the Japanese version and by Haley Joel Osment in the English one. First revealed as the hero of Kingdom Hearts, Sora is introduced as a fourteen year old from Destiny Island who is separated from his friends and home when his world is attacked by the Heartless: creatures born of the
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