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  1. It kinda reminds me of the Friends theme, which isn't a bad thing by any means.
  2. Here is a short exceprt of a conversation between myself and a friend of mine: "So what did you think?" "That song was pretty bad-ass. Where did you find it?" "Would you believe a video game music remixing website?" "What?! That's music from a video game?!?" "Yup." "NO WAY!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!" Okay granted, video games have rarely if ever been acknowledged for their music. More and more games are licensing actual music for their games (EA Sports, Gran Turismo series, SSX series to name a few) but that doesn't count. Games with ORIGINAL soundtracks are more often than not passed up in favor for a cd in the stereo and that's a damn shame. Especially with this song. Ken is in a tie for my favorite SF character (with Guile), and the first time I heard this, I think I creamed my pants. Can I give it an 11/10?