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  1. I finally got my Xbox live back after a year so send me an invite.My gamertag is: DJ Scy
  2. OMFG CHECK THIS OUT!! http://games.teamxbox.com/xbox/1137/Halo-2-Multiplayer-Map-Pack/#movies Look at those new maps! Oh by the way is "DJ Sci" still on the clan list because I havent been on for a while?
  3. I can't do anyhing for a while my subsription ended.
  4. Hey whos ready to be sworded tonight I guess I have been missing out.
  5. If I'm on it will be very late tonight or during the day tomarrow because I have a day off of school. Hurray!
  6. Whos going to be on tonight?I'll be on at seven or eight maybe later.
  7. I will be on in about ten minutes and prepare to be sliced in two.
  8. I'll be on in five min at most
  9. Hey I'll join my gamertag is "DJ Sci". I might be on tonight but not likely..proably tomarrow around 9 or 10pm.
  10. The hardest boss I went up against was probably Meta Ridley on hard in Metroid Prime. Took me almost two hours to kill it.
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