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  1. hi, mind if i join? ive just got xbox live. tag is theimmortalpie. not too great at it, but its all fun.
  2. Excellent work, i like to put this on just before i fall asleep, it's the kind of gentle sound you can just relax to. i love the way this feels. this mix is the reason i found OCRemix 3 years ago. i was searching for Ganon on google, and i kept seeing "pachelbel's Ganon" popping up. I thought i'd see what it was all about, and wow! I managed to get my whole IT class (about 25 of us) singing along to this, even though i was the only one who had played the game.
  3. i downloaded this, and before i'd heard even 10 seconds worth, i was in love. This is so great! it'd be great to play at a party. Excellent work!
  4. Weeeeeeeee! this is fun! I've got this on my mp3 player at the moment (i'm in college and they don't let you download stuff) There's so much energy in this, its unbelievable! the bit at 1:00 where it jumps between headphones is great! makes me turn my head to follow the music without thinking! great mix, definitly a keeper!
  5. ...drifts off... this is beautiful... i feel like i'm sitting on top of a mountain when i hear it. I love this mix.
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