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  1. I don't remember the original track. HMMMM. Guess I can't comment on how well you use the original, because I don't know. Sounds pretty good. At around 0:53 the melody kind of gets lots. It clears up in a couple of seconds, but for just a moment there it sounds kind of messy to me. Some of the transitions in the second half of the song sound kind of rough, could use a little work. At about 1:34, well I kind of start to lose interest. The woodwinds are a bit obnoxious at this point. The brassy section following that is nifty, though. Overall, it's quite nice, enjoyable, even though I STILL can't remember the original.
  2. Hmm...here's a song that hasn't been done before. (/sarcasm) I've even done this one once before. But that was over four years ago. (on VGMix, never posted here) Orchestral, as I usually do...beware, this piece doesn't end yet, this incomplete version ends on a half cadence.(w00t?) Anyways, here's the link: http://fayceless.googlepages.com/SoSremix2-a.mp3 Any comments, suggestions, criticisms are very, greatly appreciated. (also, title suggestions are welcome, I'm not good at naming things, could always use a few ideas) One more thing: I don't know how much bandwidth googlepages gives, so let me know if you can't download it, I'll find a new place to put it.
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