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  1. I used to be a user of both Finale 2006 and FL Studio 5, but neither program suits my needs. I love the notation of Finale, but I'm limited to the Garritan Personal Orchestra or cheap MIDI noise unless I want to dish out even more money. FL Studio supports SoundFonts, but I really don't like loop-based composition and the limitation on the use of time signatures, and I'm not a fan of piano roll either. I'm looking for a program that supports standard music notation and guitar tabs, and also supports SoundFonts. The cheaper, the better.
  2. Out of curiosity, what is the writing portion of this project? Is it for the CD insert?
  3. I suggest posting this in the general forum, as this has absolutely nothing to do with remixing.
  4. How would I go about changing the time signature in the middle of the song? Let's say I'm working in 4/4 (default) and I want to break down to 6/8 two minutes in, then change back to 4/4 after a bit. I already know how to change the time signature in Project Settings, but I don't know to change it in the middle of the song.
  5. I would definitely recommend Silent Hill 2. It's pretty easy to find (at least, around here it is), and I'd say it's probably the scariest overall.
  6. I've never been fortunate enough to see the floating head on any of my runs. Thanks for posting the video.
  7. Same here, but I got some money that could be used for a little something here and there...as in new headphones and a book or two.
  8. This probably isn't the best place to be asking around for something like that. Try putting up local ads instead of sifting through a forum that includes international members.
  9. Something doesn't seem right. I was on http://smproject.ocremix.org/ looking for the album, and I downloaded it. However, while I was converting the album to .mp3 for my own purposes, I found an error with track 7, Unsettling Nature (Miniboss theme). Maybe the file got corrupted somehow, I'm not completely sure. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. By the way, great job on the album!
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