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  1. I got to say, this track is a long-time favorite of mine. And I can see why people might suggest that it's not that good of a ReMix--it's a decent track at normal speed, but it does sound a bit unenthused. However, if you really want to be shocked, play it in Windows Media Player, go to "View -> Enhancements -> Play Speed Settings", then make sure the window of the program is showing the visualizations, and grab that speed slider to "0.5". You are in for a treat. The drums in this track are absolutely genius and magnificent. However, no one actually realizes how much effort went into making the instruments so varied and dynamic. In fact, I prefer it at "0.5" speed. Delicious.
  2. I've been trying to follow along as best as I could; but it seems I've fallen behind the times in the past few days (weeks?). SSBB came out, and I've been brawling like nuts. I checked out ThaSauce (great stuff, guys) and it sadly appears that there's about 17 mixes up there or something like that. What happened the whopping amount of others? There's not enough posts of people saying "@*$!, had to drop out", I'm not sure if this is now dead and we're not to expect anymore results from the other challenges. Anyone higher up within the "scheme" have some facts for me and the lurkers?
  3. Holy @#%$! I'm excited to hear the ReMix for Mega Man X's Epilogue. I look forward to the results everyone!
  4. Game: Lemmings 2: The Tribes Song Title: Medieval Tribe MP3: From Zophar's Domain SPC (Track 09): From Zophar's Domain MIDI: From VGMusic YouTube: Gameplay, Appearance, & Music Once the flute starts playing in the song...oh, so good.
  5. No you're not! I love that song. That and NORI NORI, another song that nobody seems to like.
  6. about those black hooded sweatshirts? Am I right? Amirite? Seriously; I'm not getting a sweatshirt until it's available in sensual black. Dark blue is cool and all...but no. = ( /buys black t-shirt in the meantime
  7. This is such an amazing ReMix, Star Salzman. I applaud you. Absolutely incredible, this is such an amazing song, truly. There's something there, that many people should understand. I do see what everyone means by this song lacking multiple instruments, but sometimes more isn't better. It's what the few included instruments can do, not just how many you can fit in one song. This song definitely conveys so much emotion. It opens up right with a retro-SNES sounding drum beat that's both nostalgic yet sounds so crisp and fresh. I do agree that the voice is occasionally lower than its surrounding instruments, but I don't have a problem with it whatsoever. It makes the voice seem so...comforting. It's not the focus for once, it's in the background, like a beautifully flowing lullaby or something, I don't know. That's just what is truly commendable; this is a robot singing, a machine. And yet it seems so alive and full of emotion. And I love how, around 1:04, 1:39 and a few other times, there's that impeccable echo. It makes Gato's voice so soothing, so saddening in some way too. I also noticed the perfect inclusion of Robo's static whirring/beeping in the song at 1:46. The story that Gato tells, is really's accurate and memorable. I do see perhaps how some could say the lyrics feel stretched, but I don't agree that it sounds bad at all. If anything it makes it seem so much more enjoyable and genuine, almost as if Gato is right there in front of me at the fair, holding his mic, with speakers behind him playing the little drums and techno rhythms. I am so happy with this song, even though it runs nearly 4 minutes in length, it doesn't get old. There are MANY songs here that sound absolutely terrific, but something makes me sometimes go "nah, not right now" after about a minute and skip to a new song. All the way to the very end; a small piano solo closing; it goes out with such a pervasive bang. If anyone has second thoughts about downloading this, think no further. [i mean, I was going to post this review right after finishing it, until I decided to hit "Preview", and then I saw how massive of a review this really is. That should really show you how amazing it really is.] Give Star Salzman the credit I truly believe he deserves, whether or not you enjoyed this ReMix, it's creative, inspiring, and unique. Thank you for such a great contribution. 10/10