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  1. I'm a touch disappointed that there's not a single remix of anything from the Ar Tonelico series here at OCR! *le sigh* The very physics of the world the games are from is based on sounds (called Sound Science) and certain party members can utilize this as attack magic. XD The games themselves revolve around songs being powerful magic that can do wondrous things. Because of this notion, I'm rising the challenge flag to the OCR community concerning this series. For more information on the series, you can check out Wikipedia, and the forum A Revyatiel's Memory(click to go to the site) for more fan based information. They have also translated the ever imported Settei Books that came with each of the games. Tons of information can be found on the songs themselves, as well as how to learn the Hymmnos language that was constructed for the series. Good luck, remixers! I salute you all!
  2. A nice little moody piece here. I've never played Chrono Trigger, nor am I familiar with the song used in this remix. However, I do see this piece being used as a boss battle. Perhaps a dark digital special boss or something like that.
  3. I picked up this remix MANY years ago before I knew what OCR even was. This one has a special place in my heart because it was the theme of my main character's massive underground lab in a private role play I've been doing with a friend of mine for the past five years now. Spiff to the last, Dan!
  4. At first, I CRINGED with this remix. It was beautiful...until the duet part. My thought was: "MY GOD, Pixie, your voice doesn't go well with his AT ALL!" But that was because I was expecting something flowy and perfectly matching and all that jazz right off the bat. After I listened to it a few times, I began to see where they started to harmonize and things began to make sense. I also began to feel the ENORMOUS amount of emotion that just POURS from this mix. Techincally, all of these different styles NEVER work together, but somehow this mix MAKES it work and does so beautifully. Now that I've read through all of these pages, I now see just exactly why this mix works. This was a remix that was done in companionship and fellowship of fellow remixers and game lovers. Compared to the usual work of these individuals, this piece was put together REALLY QUICKLY. Of course, there's going to be some minor flaws here and there! I'm very sure that if they had spent months making this "JUST SO", no one would have any beef with this mix at all. But that's not the case, it wasn't about getting it JUST SO, it was about capturing the moment and emotion that sparked the idea for this creation. Which, I believe they did wonderfully. Now when I listen to this piece, I can see a rather rocky relationship beginning to work again. Imagery and emotion is where this piece wins at. Kudos, guys. You need to do anything remix together sometime! *thumps up*
  5. The only reason I was being so adament about all the critism was because it was still being said AFTER she had explained herself. But with all of this emotion now in the open, let's just leave it at that we all hope her next remix will be even better.
  6. Go, almondray! Someone finally socks it to'em! All of these nit-picky people are getting on my nerves with their dissection of pixie's song. If you negative people don't like the way it is after she explains the WHY part of it, then don't listen. No one's making you download the music and listen to it. My own mother, who is a rational woman and knows a little bit about music, gives this song full recommendation. To pixie: My mother loves your voice and actually wants to hear more remixes in the future. You've got two votes of approval right here! To the negatives: Get a life. If all you have time for it to tear a good piece like this apart, then you've got too much time on your hands. And as a side note, this song would appeal more to the Zelda fans who have played through the Forest Temple than it would people who just listen to the music.
  7. I for one found this song absolutely wonderful! While I don't know the first thing about the techical parts of music, I do know good stuff when I hear it, and this is some very good stuff. A job well done, pixietricks. Your voice is very beautiful. I hope you plan to try more OoT songs in the future! Oh, and all you people about the "Oh-eh" stuff, CHILL. >_< She's wanting to stay with the song and I thought she did an awesome in doing so. And as far as the lyrics in Japanese, I'm with Garde on it. In fact, I felt that it was a very respectful move to have the lyrics in Japanese than English anyway.