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  1. A very big thank you for both replying parties! I managed to find the song with hints from both of you. It's track 10 from this album: https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/25th-anniversary-rockman-techno-arrange-version
  2. song found; link deleted The song in question is playing during 8:18 - 13:25. I'm assuming this a remix of Frost Man's theme from MM8, but it could be something entirely else. Video's description links a Mega Man Legends fan album, but this particular song is not included in it.
  3. Hey all and everyone, I recently started playing the guitar again after a long pause and I'd like to get back into the scene through video game music. I also play the piano and I feel lucky in the sense that there are loads of game music sheet books (and fan arrangements) for pianists, but the situation doesn't seem to be the same for guitarists. I've managed to find some official sheet books for guitar (one Mario, one Zelda, several Final Fantasy) and a couple of full-fledged fan arrangements. I'm asking here if anyone is aware of more playing material for solo guitar in form of sheet books or fan arrangements? By a good fan arrangements I mean something which has tabbed more than the lead part (bass notes and chord notes would be nice too). I'd like to share a couple of fan arrangements I've managed to dug up: (tab file in video description) (tab file also in description) Further recommendations to add to my collection are welcome! EDIT: The Lost Painting arrangement is the work of a Japanese musician who goes by the name of lonlonjp on Youtube. You should check more of his work. Some of his arrangement might be available for free, but most are sold through a Japanese web store which is linked in video descriptions.
  4. Thanks for all the answers so far. I've doing some ear training with intervals and chord types for a year maybe now. Some intervals have come very obvious to my ear, but with some I have great trouble still. One thing I'm having a tough time to wrap my head around is the concept of tension and release. Are you able to point me to a resource from which I could understand more of it? Hooktheory.com looks interesting, I'll check it out, thanks! One thing: is there actually a difference between composing and songwriting?
  5. Hey all, I've been studying recording technology for 2,5 years now and alongside with that I've been taking classes on music theory and lessons with the bass guitar and piano. I'm really interested in songwriting but all the knowledge about music theory isn't helping me much with the practical side. I'm having trouble coming up with good melodies and creating nice harmonies accompanying the melodies. Is my only option to learn as many riffs and lead melodies as possible and to jam with different musical scales until my head goes boom or do you kind forumites have tips on how to push me the right way with smaller steps? Any answer is appreciated. EDIT: changed title to composing from songwriting. Didn't realize there was an actual difference...
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