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  1. Well, even though the link is still broken here, someone has put this on SoundCloud (and you can download it now, too)
  2. Hey, just wanted to lend a word of encouragement. I am always a bit disappointed when a Kickstarter does not meet its goal, so sorry to hear about that. Listened to several of your tracks and they are really very well produced. Quality stuff. Maybe you would also be encouraged by some tunes from a friend of mine: https://benkoch.bandcamp.com/ "a cure for the song shaped hole in your heart" was created for use with the Navigator's Topical Memory System "it's a song thing!" roughly corresponds to the Self-Confrontation course from the Biblical Counseling Foundation These
  3. Nice. Also, looks like there are tags for "vocals-male" and "vocals-female." That is great for the online search! (but I guess there is always a possibility that data will be incomplete)
  4. @DevsmanHow do you search for remixes with lyrics? (I tried some time ago with downloaded files, and a text search for "lyrics" turned up... well, hundreds of them. But I was never really sure if that search was conclusive.)
  5. It has been ONE YEAR. Really enjoy listening to the playlists you all put together, because it often leads to some amazing rabbit trails. Thanks to@LuckyXIII I have now been introduced to RKO. (There is a lot of listening there, and it is WORTH IT.) There are a few items on that playlist that I cannot find anywhere: #45 - Traversing the Ngori - Ambient People - Ambience Again (4:50) #46 - Into the Ngori - Ambient People - Ambience Again (5:31) #60 - ACCIDENT - Mysterious Secret Room - Super Mushroom (8:53) For this next one, I identified a few candidates, but am wo
  6. Is is possible to update the link to this track? I know it's been a long time, but this is just so good, and now we are not able to listen to it anymore. Thanks!
  7. Oh wow. I do enjoy it. The original piece is obviously a favorite, and your arrangement is very fine; it certainly brings out more of the sad emotion from this piece. Well done! I hope you submit this one, and can work through any advice the judges have to offer.
  8. Yes, it does clearly change with the number of posts. What ranks can be obtained? Is there a list of all rankings, and how many posts (or content count) must be made to attain a particular rank?
  9. This is still a very relevant program, especially with the recent quarantine developments globally. Here's a little something from Tom's Hardware that I saw had been aggregated by SO earlier today: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/folding-at-home-worlds-top-supercomputers-coronavirus-covid-19
  10. Having the http/https prefix on there has been rather annoying. (The car stereo I frequently use will slowly scroll the album title because it is just a little too long for the display, instead of just showing it briefly and moving on). Like Radiowar said, even if one is using a different media player, it is nice to sort by album, tap "o" and jump straight there. No complaints here.
  11. Well, I seem to have attained the highly desired rank of "Chocobo (+20)". But what does it mean? is there a list of the various ranks? (A quick search on this forum, and even a Google search revealed nothing.)
  12. I see it noted there in your music archive from 2004. Is this still available for download someplace? (Your website is very nicely organized. I intend to start listening through some of your work in the coming days.)
  13. Thank you for responding! (and thank you for making this remix in the first place) Was this posted here at OC Remix, or maybe elsewhere? It is still available online?
  14. After listening to all the tunes I could find from Lufia and Lufia 2 on OC Remix... and the VGMix archive... I am still trying to track down the artist/album for this particular one. This one is longer than many on OC Remix (6 minutes), and contains several distinct parts (hence the themes & variations, which I am not sure was part of the original title). We must have first downloaded this as kids sometime in the late 90's or early 2000's. I just keep coming back to it, and would like to finally track down the artist who made it, or the album it is part of. Any help or guidance o
  15. May I have my named changed from "JonathanDavidArndt" to "Jonathan David Arndt" (only difference is adding spaces between the words -- this forum software knocks off the last few letters and puts them on their own line in the left panel -- looks all weird) Thank you!
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