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  1. haha just for those who haven't already seen this http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-warrior&T=915419&P=1
  2. I play on Earthen Ring! Carebear for the win! (Friends picked this one and I came after them so meh -- Do have some alts on PVP servers though) haha nice, i play alliance on Sargeras, which seems to be the Realm Forgotten by blizz. We have more crashes, more lag spikes, and more bugs then any other server. We used to be one of the biggest PvP server intill people started leaving =(. now its just Med, insted of High. which least i dont gotta wait to get in anymore heh. im in the guild Facial Paralysis www.fpgamer.com if ya wanna look us up
  3. Yeah MC was fun til i seen the same bosses drop.. still trying to get rag though. Our guys fire Resist isnt high enough imo. idk about your server but Alliance on sargeras Refuses to work together most of the time in AV so we usually lose, but when we TO group we own it badly, then of course the horde claims exploits lol. and horde never play CTF with us on WSG these days, we're good at that too. heh yeah smaller high end groups are fun tho. 15man UBRS is just overkill i think. my guild usually does it with 10 if we have the right classes on. alot of fun. For the most part WoW is alot of fun,
  4. Yea it does get boring as their is not much to do especially if you are in a raiding guild. Practically all I log on for now is when we raid Molten Core, Onyxia or any of the outdoor raid bosses. I hope that the new Arathi Basin is fun as WSG has got stale. Yeah but MC can only be fun for like the first few times.. then its like " wow, 6 hours staring at a bunch of rocks and lava" heh. sleazy what do you play and on which server?
  5. Eh, WoW gets boring at the end. Specially if your a rogue.. theres liek 40k of you out there, people dont like rogues =(. but it can be fun if your in a good guild. i still play it a few hours a week, just not as much as i did long ago
  6. Seph-man in KH was a bitch.. Took forever. Gigas in EB if you dont know what your doing lol ( that was my case the first attempt.. lasted about 2 hours). and Omegaweapon on FFVIII.. OW was the only " secret" boss i couldnt beat.
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