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  1. http://soundcloud.com/supersunshine21/sunshine-earth Short version: Art of Trance-style, acid, ethnic, enjoy or not. Rant: Alright, I guess I'll upload this abomination. This was an attempt to emulate Simon Berry's Art of Trance style. I must regretfully admit that I don't think I did the style any justice. Simon Berry is boss and his style of trance is to a large extent the only kind of trance I can listen to and still think sounds fresh nowadays, which is kind of ironic since his style is closer to the technoish roots of trance than say the Dutch style and it's offspring from the early 2000s. Anyhow, I will most likely go back to the drawing board and think more about how I can express the sounds of the earth (as in the elements; earth, fire, water, air). I felt that I had to move on to a new project or else my semi-OCD perfectionist behavior would drive me mad. The important thing was that I at least had something finished (or nearly), as I attempt to make a habit of finishing projects with ideas that I'm "more into". I'm somewhat satisfied with the first half of the song, before any flute and melodic synths are introduced as I feel that I ran out of ideas during the second half. The bassline is okay, funky, but a bit soft in my opinion. 303/acid needs more modulation. Perhaps I will have to venture a bit into dubstep/brostep country to find basslines with energy and grit to adequately express the sounds of 'earth'. Perhaps work more on drums and not include any melody at all (which I'm leaning the most towards). We'll see, but I'll definitely be back for another attempt. Enough ranting, enjoy, or not.
  2. Hello people, here's the 9001st remix of this infamous MIDI remix of the Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme: http://download.efmidi.com/midi-46269-download-nintendo_nes-smbunder.html http://vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/Smbunder.txt I've remixed it before and I enjoy it so much that I tried to have another go at it a couple months ago. Remix here: https://soundcloud.com/supersunshine21/sunshine-underground-sound Hope you folks enjoy it! /Daniel
  3. No! </drunk> But thanks for the comment though! Thing is I had really fun just making it "trancey", no real intention of submitting it, too much uni work and lack of motivation to add anything of my own, but I'll as mentioned be taking ideas and suggestions with me in future productions (since they are constructive suggestions and good ideas). Save it, share it, spread it that's good enough for me ^^ Not meant to sound rude, just not sober
  4. Yeah, didn't really think it'd be good enough for submission here (especially since I didn't do much with the overall arrangement, it's basically the same song in terms of structure), just wanted to share the fun. =) But I'll be bringing your critique with me in future endeavors, so thanks for sharing your thoughts guys. =)
  5. A remix of Tornado Man's theme from Mega Man 9. First time I heard the original in the Mega Man 9-trailer I knew I had to remix it. Not that hard actually, since there are MIDI's out there, the arrangement and structure is basically intact, mostly a matter of sound design (even though I've been lazy with the mixing, though I don't care since it was fun as hell ;P), apart from intro and outro. The spectrum is pretty full, was challenging fitting all the elements as well as the sfx I wanted to add. Mega Man 9 - Thunder Tornado (Sunshine Remix) http://www.mediafire.com/?dygmltizfjn http://files.filefront.com/Thunder+Tornado+Sunshin​e+xmp3/;13133937;/fileinfo.html​ http://rapidshare.com/files/191239447/Thunder_Torn​ado__Sunshine_Remix_.mp3.html​ Youtube: http://www.myspace.com/danielsunshinedahl Still, hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. =) Original song:
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