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  1. Yea, hl2 is Half-Life: 2. Well the drums are still WIP anyways, you could probably guess from all of the different rhythms, and there's a lot of rhythms cause I haven't really been able to think up a good beat for the song. Glad you like the rest of it, I'm glad I didn't change any of the instruments.
  2. It's Over Now <- new title http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6289909 ^ select hi-fi if not a member. Yea so it's been a long while since I worked on it. I did a lot to it too. It's now longer, has drums, and changed the feel of it, which ended up being more hopeful than sorrowful, so I changed the title to It's Over Now. I chose that as the title because with the drums in the background it made the song feel a little faster, and the overall feel just seemed more happy. Kinda odd though how with the same instuments as the other, the feelings can change. Oh well, I think it's for the better ...rambling ends, enjoy it:-P For those who liked the old version: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=3491787
  3. yea, I had a feeling that that WIP still needed more work to it...I'm workin on it still, but an update within this week, or early next week, depending on how much free time I've got. So far..the drum samples are changed, (was gonna do that anyways), the beat/bass does come back in near the end, more than that one pad and piano for the melody, and some small tweaks
  4. so I'm guessing I should submit it? and here's the source
  5. I've loved playing EWJ2 on my sega nomad and waste 8 AA batteries in an hour playing it..so I felt like remixing the "Anything But Tangerines" level. I know it's been remixed before, but I think this sounds very different from previous remixes. This is more of a mellow/atmospheric kind of song. Enjoy http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=332122&songID=5765632 If ur not a soundclick member select hi-fi
  6. for goldeneye remixes, you might like to check out Goldeneye: Source, a HL2 mod bringing GE007 to the PC, with every song being remixed. Same goes for Perfect Dark: Source, and both game remixes in those games are awsome. http://forums.goldeneyesource.com/ http://www.pdark-mod.com/?page=media&s_lang=english
  7. yea, haha, about done isn't finished But I never said it was the final version too, lol :wink:
  8. Just download all the free stuff off sample fusion that you want., except I went a little further and edited them in FL, exported a note as a .wav, and made even better samples. @ Nutritious.. Of course I've been making it a little longer
  9. yup http://mods.moddb.com/4061/half-life-warzone/ and I use Fruity Loops Studio 7 XXL (downloadable so I can get FL8, 9, etc..) but a lot of my own samples, such as the electric piano in this song
  10. yeah, I'm gonna wait till more people reply with their thoughts. Well, I wanted to keep it the same time as the original, because this is also going towards the half-life 2 mod I'm the musician for, so I just want to see if it'd be able to be accepted or not.
  11. Thanks, do you think it's submission worthy? (glad you figured how how to listen to it, lol)
  12. It works, cause I even tried it on my friends computer to check...just make sure you're hitting the yellow or purple buttons. (download or hifi stream)
  13. I hate how there's that little staticy effect that repeats every few minutes when using the ToxicIII, and the new morphine. (the morphine one is worse, it pauses the sample when the second of static kicks in at the worst timing.)
  14. I've been working on this song for about 3 weeks, figuring out the timing and notes, and I think I did a good job with that. (even though I lowered the overall pitch of the song a bit so the notes are moved down a bit (doesn't affect the song in a negative way). It's a remix of "Tirade At Dawn", the original plays right before the Highway 17 Chapter, with one of the rebels injured in a warehouse. Since that song is kinda sad, I didn't think I'd fit that well as a sad song, so I thought I'd try and remake it into a more emotional/sad song. You should remember the original piece, well..once the intro starts, lol. http://mattm.dmusic.com/ ^It's at the top of the list (called "sorrowful piano 2" because the s.p. was a WIP, and I just need to get around to removing the 2). Hit the yellow button in the middle to download. Oh, and there's no drums, just don't think they'd fit in that well with this song. Enjoy! and please comment
  15. Title: "Unknown Certainties" I made a remix long ago, but never submitted it (Forgotten Till The End)...cause I was too busy working on this version. This is completely different from my other remix, because I used different instruments, melodies, sfx's, and added rhythm to it. http://mattm.dmusic.com/ It's the first song in the "recent music" section To download, hit the yellow button in the middle
  16. oh, no wonder why it doesn't sound familiar... yea, make the intro shorter. ADD MORE GUITAR! and make it less staticy too...could make it less repetetive also, or just make the song shorter. good job on your 1st WIP though
  17. and... what level is this a remix of?? (where? cause different areas have different songs)
  18. I kinda almost gave up on this song being finished, glad you 2 still worked on it, nice (but I still like the older lead better...) they would give it a yes
  19. So my music teacher had my class use FruityLoops (demo version) in the school computer lab...Lucky me, I`ve had years of experience with FLstudio. She let us choose a song that had to do with winter or december, so I choose "My December" by Linkin Park. It`s ambient/mellow, like most of my songs, but I had to use a lot of editing just to get the song to sound right. Here`s the link: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=332122&songID=4783577 any feedback welcome enjoy
  20. piano is nice, add some more reverb to it though. It's coming along nicely and I like that FX at 3:14 about that bass, try adding some compressor/stereo enhancer to it?
  21. make that background pad louder, it should be right up there with the guitar, but not completely. like if the guitar volume is 90%, then make the pad volume about 85% and change the bass to something else. nice job
  22. yea, I've got a bunch already made, but so far I only posted 2...a kliner's lab remix, and Forgotten Till The End, a remix of hl2 track 19, the lost coast VLVX_3, and hl2 track 32 (plus original melodies as well) posted in the OCremix forum area Forgotten Till The End http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=93576 still WIP Kliner's Lab http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=93561
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