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  1. I just finished Beyond Good and Evil, and I was hoping to see a remix for the excellent music in that game. This was exactly what I wanted! It is a beautiful tune, and it captures all the elements of the game magnificently. It is really disappointing to know that the story of Beyond Good and Evil may not continue on. The end was so amazing and emotional, and then abruptly over... *tear* Ancel is a genius, this game proves it. Heral's music is genius too, and these three artists have made a wonderful tribute to it!
  2. For the longest time, I thought that Shadow Link in Zelda 2 was one of the hardest bosses of all time, and then I replayed it recently and discovered he is really, really easy if you just stand at the left side of the screen and keep swinging your sword. Shadow Link jumps right into your swings!! I would have to say that the Tri-Ace post-game dungeon bosses are the all-time hardest bosses of any RPG. Well, in Valkyrie Profile, the Seraphic Gate bosses were not too bad if you could get all the secret characters in there.
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