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  1. Ho-oh. The Pokemon cry is Ho-oh. It's pretty quiet tho took awhile to pick it out.
  2. Did I hear an accordian in the background? I did not just hear an ACCORDIAN in this song. You sir, are a genius. I look forward to your next mix.
  3. But here are some things you might want to look into: -I felt that the crash at the beginning (0'18")was kind of useless. Don't use it unless you come in strong. -You basically break it down at 1'58" but you keep the same main synth. I know it sounds cool but try to switch that up to, maybe into a nice high saw synth with a synth bass rythm. -You might consider adding some sort of build up for the kicks around the 3'00" mark. -You might want to increase the volume of the snares that you use before the outro. -The transition into the piano outro seems sudden. You might want to try a beat drop or some other sequence to make it smoother. I hope that this advice helps you somehow.
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