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  1. Hey, I really like it. Minus the weird vocals that start at around 2:00 (Not bad weird, just weird), I'd rather like this in-game. For the criticism, I like the punch, not weak by any means, but not gut-quiveringly strong. Cool synth tune that lilts all around, adds to the complexity and allows you to just listen and let the tune carry you.
  2. What can I say that hasn't already been said? How can I express what I think of this song. "Too beautiful for words" comes to mind. I'm absolutely in love with this. From beginning to end. I'm 21, 6'3" tall 240lb ex-football player, and this song made me cry. Yeah. Out loud. Couldn't stop. Played it everywhere I went for a week straight, and still remains on every mix CD I burn. Really, I'm trying to think of something educated and "judge-like" to say, like "the beat transitions nicely from strong to soft at around 1:50," but even that won't do this justice. Beat, instruments, tone, fl
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