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  1. AWESOME remix. One of my favourites. The cameos are a very nice original touch. Does anyone have a guitar tab for the jazz solo that kicks in around 3:04? I'm working on right now, but it gets a little fast at the end and hard to pick out all the notes and slides.
  2. My goodness, can Pixie ever sing... This is by far her best work yet. An easy 10 out of 10...
  3. The title of the song "Pillar of Salt" definetely caught my eye when looking through Star Salzman's list of remixes (you've got to love his work). I listened to the song and was amazed by the Middle-Eastern sound and lyrics to it. I started reading the comments from djpretzel and noticed the lyrics to the song were posted. The Old Testament verses sung in Hebrew shocked and impressed. I haven't played Xenogears, although I'm curious to find out whether those verses in there were random or had an actual meaning in the song. I give this a 9.5/10.
  4. Holy... This has got to be one of the best remixes I've ever listened to. I hate the techno-beat remixes. Frankly I think they ruin the song. This reminds me of Kizukaseru (Last Blade 2), another GREAT remix, because of the orchestral effects in it, and not ruining the song by making it something similiar to Daft Punk. Thumbs up to GrayLightning! I love your style.
  5. Incredible mate, absolutely incredible. I dislike the techno/disco remixes, and so this one was just great. Nice job again mate.
  6. One word. Magical. Few remixes have I heard that have completely taken the song apart and redone them in a new spectacular way that help you to visualise the area in the game where the song takes place. My favourite remix apart from Dune Arrakis Wormsign by Bart Klepka. Great job!
  7. Nice remix! Great to listen to on a warm sunny day when you're cooped up in your room working on Monday's history report. Great beat and an excellent sense of jam, and of course, groove.
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